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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-UT-C010-2018-0042-EA Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Milford Flats South Solar Energy Zone Competitive Leasing Decision Date:  07/23/2018
Applicant:  BLM    
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Start Date:  01/30/2018    
End Date:     
Project Description:
~~~ Bureau of Land Management Cedar City Field Office hosted a public meeting at the Minersville School, located at 450 S. 200 W. in Minersville, UT on Thursday, May 3 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., Mountain Time. ~~~ An Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to disclose and analyze the environmental consequences of competitively leasing four parcels of public land within the Milford Flats South Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) for solar energy development. The area covered by parcels B and C has been nominated for leasing; the other two parcels would be leased on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) own initiative. The Milford Flats South SEZ is located in Beaver County, Utah approximately five miles west of the town of Minersville, Utah. The proposed leasing areas are shown on a map located in the documents section as well as the Draft EA. The legal descriptions of the proposed leasing areas are contained in Appendix A of the EA. The BLM previously designated the Milford Flats South SEZ in the Approved Resource Management Plan Amendment/Record of Decision for Solar Development in Six Southwestern States (Solar PEIS ROD) signed on October 12, 2012. The BLM subsequently implemented regulations in January of 2017 for the competitive leasing of public lands for solar and wind development within Designated Leasing Areas (DLAs). The Milford Flats South SEZ is considered a DLA in accordance with the competitive leasing regulations found in 43 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 2809. At the time of this review, it is not known whether any or all nominated parcels will receive bids, if leases will be issued, or if solar energy development infrastructure will be constructed, therefore a reasonably foreseeable development scenario is assumed to analyze the potential effects. If any of the parcels are leased, the lessee would be required to submit a Plan of Development (POD) specifying their development plans. If those development plans substantially differ from the reasonably foreseeable development scenario analyzed in this EA, then an additional, more detailed project specific analysis would occur when the POD was submitted. Developing solar energy resources on public land in a DLA involves four phases: 1) leasing; 2) site characterization, siting and design, and construction; 3) operations and maintenance; and 4) reclamation and decommissioning. The first phase is to issue a lease. Leasing of lands for solar energy development confers an implied right to the lessee to develop the lands for solar energy production. The act of leasing does not directly result in surface disturbance activities; however ground disturbance would occur during the site characterization, siting and design, construction, and operations and maintenance phases. Reclamation and decommissioning would involve removing facilities and reclaiming the site as near as possible to its original condition. It is assumed that future development would be for solar energy generation utilizing photovoltaic (PV) technology. If a future lessee submits a POD for any technology other than PV, further analysis of the project specific effects would likely be required. The proposed action is to lease four parcels of public lands within the Milford Flats South SEZ for development of commercial scale (>20 megawatts (MW)) solar energy production, under the competitive leasing regulations for solar and wind. The four parcels of public lands comprise approximately 5,564 acres. The area covered by parcels B and C was nominated for competitive leasing in December of 2017. The remainder of the parcels are being considered for competitive leasing on BLM’s own initiative. No leases would be offered in greater sage-grouse PHMA or GHMA, consistent with the existing land use plan, as amended.
Project Location:
West of Minersville, Beaver County, Utah
Project Lead:  Michelle Campeau    
Phone Number:  (435) 865-3047    
Email Address:  mcampeau@blm.gov    
Office(s):  Cedar City FO Lead Office:  Cedar City FO
Counties:  Beaver    
Program(s):  Renewable Energy Subprogram(s):  Solar Energy
Cooperating Agencies:     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Milford Flats South Solar Energy Zone - UAS Flight March 2018 03/26/2018 Milford Flat South Solar 2018.mov (171882 KB)   
Milford Flats South Solar Energy Zone Leasing Map - Updated 3/27/2018 03/27/2018 MilfordFlats_SEZ_PropLeasingArea_DRAFT_Final_11x17L.pdf (809 KB)   
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
FINAL NR_MilfordFlatSolar4.20.18 04/20/2018 FINAL NR_MilfordFlatSolar4.20.18.pdf (89 KB)   
Public Comment EA Milford Flats South SEZ Competitive Leasing_20April2018 04/20/2018 Final Draft EA Milford Flats South SEZ Competitive Leasing_20April2018.pdf (2392 KB)   
Unsigned_FONSI_Milford Flats South SEZ Competitive Leasing_4.20.18 04/20/2018 Unsigned_FONSI_Milford Flats South SEZ Competitive Leasing_4.20.18.pdf (9 KB)   
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Public Meeting NR_Milford Flat Solar Development_FINAL 04/25/2018 Public Meeting NR_Milford Flat Solar Development_FINAL.pdf (86 KB)   
Final Documents and Decision
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
DOI-BLM-UT-C010-2018-0042-EA.pdf 07/24/2018 DOI-BLM-UT-C010-2018-0042-EA.pdf (2578 KB)   
Finding of No New Significant Impact 07/24/2018 FINAL_FONNSI_07.23.2018.pdf (252 KB)   
Decision Record 07/24/2018 FINAL_DR_07.23.2018.pdf (481 KB)   

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