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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-S010-2011-0034-CX Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Interpretive Kiosk Installations in Select ACECs in Clark County Decision Date:  12/29/2010
Applicant:  Bureau of Land Management    
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Project Description:
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to install 14 kiosks within Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) in Clark County, Nevada. The 8 ACECs covered under this proposal comprise 794,669 acres. They were designated in the Las Vegas Resource Management Plan (RMP) and final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of 1998 as ACECs for their biological, cultural, scenic, and/or geological values. Three of them, Coyote Springs, Mormon Mesa and Gold Butte Part A, are critical habitat for the threatened desert tortoise. As part of that planning process, the ACECs were designated as areas where motorized and mechanized vehicle use is limited to designated roads and trails.The installation of kiosks within these ACECs is critical to the success of the route designation process as described in the Environmental Assessment (EA) titled Route Designations For Selected ACECs Located in the Northeast Portion of the Las Vegas BLM District (July 15th, 2008). The actions proposed are within or directly adjacent to the boundaries of the designated routes approved in 2008. The installation of kiosks in strategic locations will help convey the goals described in the Roads Designation EA, which are to (1) prevent the proliferation of user-created routes, (2) reduce road density, (3) improve habitat for wildlife and special status species, (4) control the spread of noxious and invasive weeds, (5) protect cultural resources, (6) reduce desert tortoise habitat loss and fragmentation, (7) provide for consistent management between agencies, and (8) provide a reasonable route network to allow public lands users motorized access to remote areas of the Mojave Desert in northeast Clark County. Additionally, kiosks will provide the public with a reference of the area to help area users navigate the ACECs' transportation network without becoming lost and/or deviating from the designated route system. Kiosks will be installed along roads at strategic points where there is an existing disturbance and high visitor traffic has been observed or is anticipated. Specific kiosk design will be determined by price, availability and durability of commercially available kiosks. The general design will be that of three to four panels installed on vertical metal posts, anchored to the ground. An additional bulletin or community board may be installed directly next to or adjacent to the kiosks for any seasonal or temporary information that may be of relevance to the area. Vehicles will remain on designated routes and trails during the construction/installation of kiosks. Currently, eight kiosks are funded and planned to be installed in 2011. These include: 1) Carp Elgin / Interstate 15; 2) Shooting Area East/ US93; 3) Substation/ US93; 4)Arrow Canyon East/ SR168; 5) Halfway Wash/ Interstate 15; 6) Gold Butte Byway/ SR170; 7) Whitney Junction; and 8) Virgin River Lookout/ Gold Butte Byway.
Project Location:
Various locations within Areas of Critical Environmental Concern thourghout Clark County, Nevada.Carp Elgin/ Interstate 15 T14S R68E S7 NW1/4, Shooting Area East of US93 T17S R63E S20 SE1/4, Substation/ US93 T13S R63E S33 SW1/4, Arrow Cyn East/SR168 T14S R65E S8 NW1/4, Halfway Wash/ Interstate15 T13S R69E S28 NW1/4, Gold Butte Byway/SR 170 T14S R70E S7 NW1/4, Whitney Junction T16S R70E S23 SW1/4, Virgin River Lookout/ Gold Butte Byway T14S R69E S33 SW1/4, Meadow Valley Wash at ACEC Boundary T13S R66E S18 SW1/4, Table Mountain Rd/ SR168 T13S R64E S34 NW1/4, Hollywood Blvd at ACEC Boundary T21S R62E S24 NW1/4, Knob Hill Rd/ US95 T26E R63E S22 SE1/4, Highland Range Rd/ US95 T26S R63E S20 SE1/4, Wee Thump East T28S R62E S16 NW1/4
Project Lead:  Carolyn J. Ronning    
Phone Number:  702-515-5143    
Email Address:     
Office(s):  Las Vegas FO Lead Office:  Las Vegas FO
Counties:  Clark    
Program(s):  Recreation and Visitor Services Subprogram(s):  None
Cooperating Agencies:     

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