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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-CO-N010-2016-0023-EA Status:  Decision and Appeal
Project Name:  Sand Wash Basin Wild Herd Management Area (HMA) Population Control Decision Date:  09/21/2016
EIS OEPC #:  FONSI Date:  09/21/2016
Applicant:  Burea of Land Management    
Case File Number/:
Project Number 
Start Date:  03/28/2016    
End Date:  09/30/2021    
Project Description:
The LSFO proposes to gather approximately 200 wild horses within the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area (HMA) via bait/water trapping. When a band is confined in the trap, the mares would be treated with a single dose of the PZP vaccine known as Zonastat-H and then the band would be released back to the range. Under an agreement with the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary (GEMS), the BLM would remove up to 50 younger horses for placement into the GEMS training and adoption program.
Project Location:
The analysis area is located in Townships 8 to 11 North, Ranges 97 to 100 West, various sections, Sixth Principle Meridian, Moffat County, Colorado.
Project Lead:  Benjamin Smith    
Phone Number:  970-244-3084    
Email Address:  bdsmith@blm.gov    
Office(s):  Little Snake FO Lead Office:  Little Snake FO
Counties:  Moffat    
Program(s):  Wild Horses and Burros Subprogram(s):  Other
Cooperating Agencies:     

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Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Herd Management Area Bait/Water Trapping Gather/Population Control EA 08/05/2016 DOI-BLM-CO-N010-2016-0023_sand wash bait trap and PZP 7-29-16 (1).pdf (3215 KB) 
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