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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-W000-2013-0004-CX Status:  Analysis & Document Preparation
Project Name:  Winnemucca Fire Management Plan Annual Maintenance/Update Decision Date: 
Applicant:  BLM    
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Project Description:
The Winnemucca Fire Management Plan (FMP) requires annual plan maintenance. This is required to ensure the plan is in accordance with changing conditions due to large fires, drought, changes in fire risks or hazards, vegetation changes, or other updated information that would modify fire suppression targets or priorities within the district. Based on recent large fires occurring in the district, and an increased focus on preserving intact habitat for sage grouse, the plan must be updated to encompass these conditions and policy. The update would adjust fire and fuels targets within various fire management units (FMU). The targets are used in strategic fire budgeting and planning, as well as outlining priority of suppression resources across the district in the case of multiple fire days. The plan also identifies potential constraints related to specific suppression actions due to resource values contained within the various FMUs (i.e. T&E habitat, Wilderness, etc…). This plan does not make land management implementation decisions. See below excerpt from plan regarding the relationship to planning: “This FMP is a strategic document that does not make resource management decisions or project specific implementation decisions and is categorically excluded from further NEPA analysis under 516 DM 2, Appendix 1, Chapter 2, 1.10: “Policies directives, regulations and guidelines of an administrative, financial, legal, technical or procedural nature; or the environmental effects of which are too broad, speculative or conjectural to lend themselves to meaningful analysis and will be subject later to the NEPA process, either collectively or case-by-case”.”
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Project Lead:  Derek Messmer    
Phone Number:  (775) 623-1583    
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Office(s):  Winnemucca DO Lead Office:  Winnemucca DO
Program(s):  Wildland Fire Management Subprogram(s):  None
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