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NEPA Project Summary 
NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-W010-2013-0014-DNA Status:  Completed
Project Name:  2013 Cheaters MC Race Decision Date:  12/20/2012
Applicant:  Paul Ziegler representing the Cheaters Motor Cycle Club    
Case File Number/:
Project Number 
SRP # NVW01000-13-02    
Start Date:     
End Date:     
Project Description:
The Cheaters Motorcycle Club has applied for a Special Recreation Permit to conduct a motorcycle race in the Hot Springs Mountains, Trinity Range and surrounding area on March 08 & 9, 2013. No new ground disturbance will result from this proposed race. The proposed course utilizes the same course(s) used by Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada under numerous previous SRPs. It is estimated that there would be approximately 300 participants. Spectators would be at the start/finish area and be comprised of family members of the participants & pit crews. The proposed race route is on lands under the jurisdiction of the BLM, private (checkerboard lands) and approximately ½ mile on Bureau of Reclamation land. Portions of the course will cross power line and pipe line ROW’s. There would be several check points spread throughout the course to ensure that shortcuts are not taken and no new ground disturbance. Any racer that does not make all these points would be disqualified. Temporary directional signs would be placed throughout the course as well as signs that would warn the driver of potentially hazardous areas. Should the proposed action be implemented, the BLM would have an Outdoor Recreation Planner and Law Enforcement Officer on site during the race. In addition, emergency personnel would be on site, and portable toilets sufficient to handle the expected crowd would be positioned at the start/finish line.
Project Location:
Project Lead:  Lynn Ricci    
Phone Number:  (775) 623-1523    
Email Address:     
Office(s):  Humboldt River FO Lead Office:  Humboldt River FO
Counties:  Pershing    
Program(s):  Recreation and Visitor Services Subprogram(s):  None
Cooperating Agencies:     

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