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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-W010-2013-0015-DNA Status:  Closed
Project Name:  Holloway Fire Emergency Stabilization & Rehabilitation Projects Decision Date:  12/27/2012
Applicant:  Winnemucca BLM    
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The Holloway Fire burned a cumulative total of 215,541 acres in northern Nevada, of which 16,152 acres of private land were burned, and 199,389 acres of BLM lands were burned. The fire burned in and around the Montana mountains, Trout Creek mountains, Bilk Creek mountains, and within portions of King's River Valley. Affected resources include occupied and unoccupied "recovery" Lahontan Cutthroat Trout streams, bighorn sheep habitat, mule deer habitat, pronghorn habitat, and Greater Sage Grouse habitat. The fire burned through a large number of Ecological Sites, most of which fall into three generalized ecosystems: Wyoming sagebrush ecology, mountain sagebrush ecology, and low sagebrush ecology. Within the Nevada portion of the Holloway Fire, ESR projects are designed to ameliorate potential aeolian-driven soil erosion, monitor and minimize detrimental sediment transport and streambank scouring, monitor and manage noxious weed infestations within the disturbed landscape to minimize or eliminate opportunity for increased infestation, manage road systems for human life and safety issues caused by the burn event, accelerate development of stable perennial plant ecosystems, with emphasis on recovery of native plant-based ecosystems where possible, accelerate recovery of critical habitat values for invertebrate and vertebrate wildlife species, with a strong emphasis on values critical to Greater Sage Grouse. Specific Project actions may or will include aerial and handseeding operations, hand planting operations, repair of system roads, stream stabilization activities, full and/or partial closure to livestock grazing, and monitoring of treatment efficacy and post fire recovery of both treated and untreated areas.
Project Location:
Project Lead:  Eric S Baxter    
Phone Number:  (775) 623-1500    
Email Address:     
Office(s):  Humboldt River FO Lead Office:  Humboldt River FO
Counties:  Humboldt    
Program(s):  Wildland Fire Management Subprogram(s):  None
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