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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-S010-2010-0012-EA Status:  Analysis & Document Preparation
Project Name:  Restoration of closed routes in Coyote Springs ACEC Decision Date: 
Applicant:  Bureau of Land Management    
Case File Number/:
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Start Date:     
End Date:     
Project Description:
The proposed action is to restore closed roads in the Coyote Spring's ACEC per the approved roads decision (Environmental Assessment NV-052-2006-433). There are approximately 15 miles of road closures along with numerous new incursions. These closures have been accomplished via placing signs identifying the roads as closed to motor vehicle access at the entry points to the illegal roads. Now that roads are signed, they will be restored to a more natural appearance in order to further discourage use and improve the overall quality of the area. Restoration will be accomplished by the use of hand tools to decompact the roads, placing of mulch (vertical and/or horizontal) in the roads in order to facilitate establishment of plants and restrict access, and, if necessary, seeding or planting cultivars. Additionally, if these measures prove ineffective at reducing unauthorized OHV travel, fencing may be installed.
Project Location:
The project will be in Coyote Springs Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). The project area lies along Hwy 93 north of I-15 until the Lincoln County line.
Project Lead:  Donnie Bowman    
Phone Number:  702-515-5047    
Email Address:     
Office(s):  Las Vegas FO Lead Office:  Las Vegas FO
Counties:  Clark    
Program(s):  Other Subprogram(s):  None
Cooperating Agencies:     

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