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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-WO-WO2000-2020-0001-OTHER_NEPA Status:  Analysis & Document Preparation
Project Name:  Public Land Access Project Decision Date: 
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Start Date:  01/06/2020    
End Date:  02/29/2020    
Project Description:
As part of its efforts to implement the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act Public Law 119-9, Section 4105 , the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sought public assistance in nominating lands managed by the agency on which the public is allowed to hunt, fish, or use the land for other recreational purposes, but to which there is no legal public access or where access is significantly restricted. The documents below show the status of efforts to date. • Draft BLM Priority Access Lists for thirteen western states; • Draft Map of Public Nominations for BLM Priority Access Areas; and • Project Summary Document. Next Steps: 1. The BLM will review and validate against the Dingell Act criteria the 2,000 priority access nominations received from more than 800 individuals, agencies, universities, recreation groups, conservation organizations, businesses, and land trusts (complete by December 31, 2020); 2. The BLM will compare the validated results from the public nominations with the Draft BLM Priority Access Lists, which include 606 agency-identified priority access areas, to identify overlapping and mutual priorities. The BLM will also evaluate any new geographic areas of high public interest not previously identified by the BLM (complete by June 30, 2021; 3. The BLM will determine which parcel nominations to include on the consolidated Final BLM Priority Access Lists (complete by September 30, 2021). The BLM is grateful to all those who took time to nominate access issues. The public response to help us identify access issues has been huge, and we are looking forward to resolving as many as possible with our partners and public support. Until we complete the steps above, we are not soliciting additional public nominations, however we will continue to resolve access issues while we work through these steps.
Project Location:
All BLM land nationwide
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Office(s):  WO-200 Lead Office:  WO-200
Program(s):  Recreation and Visitor Services Subprogram(s):  None
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Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
March 12 Press Release: BLM releases draft Public Land Access Priorities 03/12/2020 BLM Dingell Act Access Priorities Press Release May 12 2020 (244 KB)   
AK Priorities 03/12/2020 AK Priorities.pdf (55 KB)   
AZSO_BLM DA Priority List 03/12/2020 AZSO_BLM DA Priority List.pdf (105 KB)   
CASO_BLM DA Priority List 03/12/2020 CASO_BLM DA Priority List.pdf (117 KB)   
COSO_BLM DA Priority List 03/12/2020 COSO_BLM DA Priority List.pdf (135 KB)   
ES Priorities 03/12/2020 ES Priorities.pdf (38 KB)   
IDSO_BLM DA Priority List 03/12/2020 IDSO_BLM DA Priority List.pdf (138 KB)   
MT_NDAK_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 MT_NDAK_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (110 KB)   
MT_SDAK_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 MT_SDAK_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (102 KB)   
NM-TX_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 NM-TX_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (35 KB)   
NVSO_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 NVSO_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (86 KB)   
OR_WA_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 OR_WA_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (112 KB)   
UTSO_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 UTSO_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (103 KB)   
WYSO_BLM DA Priority Lists 03/12/2020 WYSO_BLM DA Priority Lists.pdf (108 KB)   
BLM Access Project Summary 03/12/2020 Revised FINAL_DA_BLM Access Priorities EPlanning Summary Document_03122020.pdf (222 KB)   
Public Nominations Map 2020 03/11/2020 Draft_BLM_Priority_Nominations_For_Dingell_Act.pdf (3745 KB)   
January 24 Press Release: BLM seeks help increasing access to public lands 01/24/2020 Press Release: Bureau of Land Management seeks help increasing access to public lands (101 KB)   

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