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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-B020-2011-0102-EA Status:  Analysis & Document Preparation
Project Name:  2018 Bullfrog HMA Burro Gather Decision Date:  01/25/2012
EIS OEPC #:  FONSI Date:  01/25/2012
Case File Number/:
Project Number 
Start Date:     
End Date:  08/05/2018    
Project Description:
The purpose of the gather is to remove excess wild burros from locations close to U.S. 95 and within sensitive wildlife habitat. The gather is needed to alleviate some of the public safety and nuisance concern, to protect rangeland resources from deterioration associated with excess wild burros, and to restore a thriving natural ecological balance and multiple use relationship on the public lands consistent with the provisions of Section 1333 (a) of the WFRHBA of 1971.
Project Location:
Bullfrog Herd Management Area, surrounding the town of Beatty, Nevada.
Project Lead:  Elizabeth Freniere    
Phone Number:  (775) 482-7800    
Email Address:  efreniere@blm.gov    
Office(s):  Tonopah FO
Battle Mountain DO
Lead Office:  Tonopah FO
Counties:  Nye    
Program(s):  Wild Horses and Burros Subprogram(s):  Gathers
Cooperating Agencies:     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Bullfrog Herd Management Area Wild Burro Gather Plan and Environmental Assessment 01/25/2012 Bullfrog Herd Management Area Wild Burro Gather Plan and Environmental Assessment (2476 KB) 
Finding Of No Significant Impact 01/25/2012 Finding Of No Significant Impact (64 KB) 
Decision 01/25/2012 Decision (149 KB) 

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