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NEPA Project Summary 
NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-NV-S010-2011-0054-CX Status:  Analysis & Document Preparation
Project Name:  DOI-BLM-NV-S010-2011-0054-CX NV Energy ROW N-89443 Decision Date: 
Applicant:  NV Energy    
Case File Number/:
Project Number 
Start Date:  01/28/2011    
End Date:  02/07/2011    
Project Description:
NV Energy has submitted an application for a right-of-way (ROW) to cross Federally-owned land to install approximately 120 feet long by 10 feet wide (.03 acre) for a 15kv underground distribution line consisting of plastic conduits, cable and one underground vault. These facilities will provide service for LVVWD ROW N-52370 and future developments. Also included in this application temporary use area associated with construction of facilities. Construction will take approximately 1 week. Work-fource anticipated to include an estimated 4 to 6 people. Construction equipment will include trucks and trailers, boom truck and a backhoe. This translates into an estimated 2 to 4 vehicles. Pick-up trucks and smaller trucks will also be used for crews and other miscellaneaous uses. This ROW would exist within the same location as the existing LVVWD ROW. Major construction activities include digging trench, install plastic conduit, cable and vault in trench, backfill trench to existing grade. Applicant agrees to remove all waste from the site. The final phase of construction is cleaup and reclamation. Excess soil excavated from the trench will be used to fill the trench, with the excess spread around in the vicinity of the trench area. Due to the small amount of disturbance, seeding is not planned. Applicant has agreed to maintain the power line as required by BLM instructions and when the line is no longer needed, NVE agrees to provide a restorable plan for BLM approval.
Project Location:
T. 28 S., R. 63 E., sec 31, SWNWSE, installation area within existing ROW of N-52370 along existing dirt road.
Project Lead:  Cheryl G. Cote    
Phone Number:  702-515-5000    
Email Address:     
Office(s):  Las Vegas FO Lead Office:  Las Vegas FO
Counties:  Clark    
Program(s):  Other Subprogram(s):  None
Cooperating Agencies:     

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