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NEPA #:  DOI-BLM-ID-T030-2011-0025-EA Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Elkhorn Allotment Grazing Permit Renewal Decision Date:  08/23/2016
Case File Number/:
Project Number 
Start Date:     
End Date:  08/24/2016    
Project Description:
This project is an EA to renew the grazing permit in the Elkhorn Allotment in conformance with Idaho Standards of Rangeland Health. The Proposed Decision was Protested by Wildands Defense on October 26, 2015. A Final Decision was prepared and later Appealed by Wildlands Defense on January 25, 2016. They later requested a Partial Petition for Stay but it was denied by the Office of Hearings and Appeals on March 9, 2016. BLM then requested a Motion for Summary Judgment but before that was ruled on, Wildlands Defense filed a notice to withdraw or dismiss the Appeal. Office of Hearings and Appeals granted their request on August 23, 2016, thereby making the December 17, 2015 Decision Final.
Project Location:
T. 4 N, R. 18 E, Sections various and T. 3 N, R. 18 E, Sections various
Project Lead:  Tjaden, Joanna P    
Phone Number:  (208) 732-7292    
Email Address:     
Office(s):  Shoshone FO Lead Office:  Shoshone FO
Counties:  Blaine    
Program(s):  Livestock Grazing Subprogram(s):  None
Cooperating Agencies:     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Elkhorn Scoping Packet 08/24/2012 Elkhorn_Scoping_Package_508.pdf (604 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA Cover Letter PROPOSED 09/30/2015 Elkhorn EA Cover Letter PROPOSED.pdf (109 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA FONSI PROPOSED 09/30/2015 Elkhorn_FONSI_PROPOSED.pdf (135 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA PROPOSED Decision 09/30/2015 Elkhorn_DECISION_PROPOSED.pdf (192 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA PROPOSED 09/30/2015 Elkhorn_Allotment_EA_PROPOSED.pdf (3159 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA Cover Letter for Final Decision 12/17/2015 Elkhorn_EA_Cover_Letter_2015 FINAL.pdf (107 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment FINAL Decision 12/17/2015 Elkhorn_DECISION_FINAL.pdf (219 KB) 
Wildlands Defense Protest for Elkhorn Proposed Decision 12/17/2015 Wildlands_Defense_Protest.pdf (893 KB) 
BLM's Response to Protest Points for Elkhorn 12/17/2015 Elkhorn_Potest_Response_FINAL.pdf (342 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA FONSI FINAL 12/17/2015 Elkhorn_FONSI_FINAL.pdf (135 KB) 
Elkhorn Allotment EA FINAL 12/17/2015 Elkhorn_Allotment_EA_FINAL.pdf (3116 KB) 

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