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04/12/2018 09:13:02 MDT
BLM seeks public comment
In support of the Administration's priority to promote America's energy independence, the BLM Price Field Office seeks public comment on an enviornmental assessment for the Horse Bench Natural Gas Development Project. This is a 14-day comment period, and comments will be accepted until April 26th, 2018. Comments can be added by clicking the "Documents" tab, then clicking the "Comment on Document" button. 
This project was formerly on BLM Utah's Environmental Notification Bulletin Board (ENBB) under the NEPA number DOI-BLM-UT-G020-2015-0011-EA. The new NEPA number will be DOI-BLM-UT-G020-2018-0011-EA and this project website will be the new home for all public information regarding the Horse Bench Natural Gas Development project.

XTO Energy submitted a proposal to develop the natural gas resources from its mineral lease in the Horse Bench Project Area. XTO indicated conceptual locations of approximately 19 potential well pads for up to 175 wells; from which natural gas resources could be developed from. XTO expects that a significant amount of the proposed development area would ultimately produce enough natural gas to be economically viable. Should the wells become producers, it is anticipated that the life of the individual well could last for approximately 30 years. XTO proposes to apply for rights-of-way to construct, operate, and/or maintain co-located access roads and production-supporting gathering pipelines within linear corridors that support the proposed wells. XTO would conduct interim reclamation on areas that are not needed for production purposes and at the end of life of the wells would conduct final reclamation of the pads and roads. The wells would be located within the project area of the Record of Decision for the West Tavaputs Plateau Natural Gas Full Field Development Plan EIS, signed in July 2010.