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From December 13, 2019 through January 13, 2020, the BLM has made available the draft San Rafael Desert Travel Management Plan Environmental Assessment, updated maps, and updated (if updates are appropriate) route reports for a 30-day formal comment period, as required by paragraph 16.e. of the 2017 Settlement Agreement. 

The Bureau of Land Management will also hold Open Houses to provide information about the San Rafael Desert Travel Management Planning effort.  During the three Open Houses, staff from the BLM Price Field Office will present information and answer questions for the American public regarding the San Rafael Desert Draft Travel Management Plan and Draft Environmental Assessment. Once complete, the final San Rafael Desert Travel Management Plan will offer a comprehensive framework for managing the Price Field Office’s travel network and transportation systems.

Open Houses will be held 5-7 p.m., at the following locations:

Dec. 16, Carbon County Event Center, Room 12, 450 S Fairgrounds Rd., Price

Dec. 17, John Wesley Powell Museum, 1765 Main St., Green River

Dec. 18, Emery County Court House, The Swell Conference Room, 75 E Main St., Castle Dale

For more information regarding BLM's public engagement process or other policies regarding travel management planning, click here

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On May 31, 2017 a settlement agreement was reached in the case titled Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, et al.v U.S. Department of the Interior, et al. This agreement has important implications for travel and transportation planning efforts in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Price Field Office. In this settlement agreement, the BLM agreed to issue new travel management plans (TMP) for specific areas throughout the state of Utah. Within the BLM Price Field Office, the San Rafael Desert (SRD) was one area identified. Future TMPs will occur within the San Rafael Swell and Nine Mile Canyon areas of the BLM Price Field Office.

The BLM Price Field Office is proposing to designate a travel route network in the San Rafael Desert of southeastern Emery County, Utah. The intent of this project is to identify a network of routes that meets public access and resource management needs. This TMP will include a wide-ranging analysis considering the access needs of public lands users.  Access needs will be evaluated in conjunction with BLM’s legal mandate to protect natural and cultural resources on public lands.  Individual route evaluations and designations included in the TMP will be analyzed through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.  Federal law requires specific evaluation and designation for public motorized uses.  Based on this analysis, every BLM route within the Travel Management Area (TMA) will receive designation for its use types or use limitations.