ePlanning DOI-BLM-ID-B010-2018-0004-EA (Ridge to Rivers Trail System Trail Additions)  
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05/09/2019 11:59:04 MDT
The Four Rivers Field Office completed a public review period of the preliminary environmental assessment from April 4, 2019 to May 6, 2019. The BLM is currently reviewing comments recieved from the review period. 
For additional information on this project please contact (208) 384-3300. 
The proposed action consists of several components including four single track trails and one flow trail that would provide approximately 14.8 miles of new non-motorized trail additions to the Ridge to Rivers and Ada County trail systems, and further development of Cartwright trail head parking area. 
Single track trails (four) would be constructed, totaling 13.2 miles of which 8.1 miles would be on BLM managed lands.
• A 6.2 mile loop trail would be located mid-foothills (4,200’ elevation) with existing trailhead along Bogus Basin Road on City of Boise managed lands with connector trail to Sweet Connie Trail would be named the Hawkins Trail (1.9 miles on BLM). 
• A 1.8 mile connector trail between Femrite and Watchman trails would be named the Curlew Trail (1.8 mile on BLM). 
• A 2.7 mile connector trail between Bogus Basin Road/Dry Creek Trail junction to Peggy’s Trail (0.8 miles on BLM).  
• A 2.5 mile Red Hawk Trail would be constructed as part of the Ada County trail system north of Hidden Spring and west of Avimor communities (0.6 miles on BLM).
A flow trail would be constructed in the Hulls Gulch area of Ridge to Rivers Trail System. 
• A 1.6 mile flow trail in the Hulls Gulch area would be named Eighth Street Flow Trail (1.2 miles on BLM).
Cartwright Trailhead parking area provides access to both Polecat and Peggy’s Trail areas. Currently, about 8-10 vehicles and 1 horse trailer parking spots are available.  Trailhead improvements would include:
• Trailhead footprint would widen approximately 33 feet using fill material   
• 30 vehicles parking stalls and two designated horse trailer parking spots
• Accessible concrete parking stall
• Vault toilet with accessible concrete route