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Term Grazing Permit Renewal for Authorization #2704544 on the South Butte Allotment (00504) and South Butte Seeding Allotment (00506)

The purpose for the action is to fully process and renew the grazing term permit for authorization #2704544 on the South Butte Allotment (00504) and the South Butte Seeding Allotment (00506). The current term permit is issued for the period 03/01/2008 to 02/28/2018 and is summarized in Table 1.


Table 1—Summary of Current Grazing Permit 2704544


Name and Number



Grazing Period

Begin End

% Public


Type Use


South Butte


37 Cattle

04/15 to 2/28




South Butte Seeding


40 Cattle

05/01 to 10/31




*% Public Land is the percent of public land for billing purposes.

**AUMs may differ from Active Permitted Use due to a rounding difference with the number of livestock and the period of use.


Allotment AUMs Summary

Allotment Name




South Butte




South Butte Seeding





The issuance of the new term grazing permit could be for a period up to ten years.  An evaluation of the range monitoring data and rangeland health will be conducted for the South Butte and South Butte Seeding Allotments.  This data will be summarized in a Standards Determination Document that will be provided for public review. 

Project Location (
see Maps):

The South Butte Allotment encompasses approximately 26,081 public lands acres and the South Butte Seeding Allotment encompasses approximately 968 public lands acres.  This grazing permit area occurs within White Pine County, Nevada and is situated approximately 20-30 miles northwest of Ely, Nevada.  These allotments are located in southern Butte Valley and in the legals T19N, R61E, T19N, R62E, T20N, R61E and T20N, R62E. This allotment occurs in the Butte Valley Watershed.

 The South Butte Allotment and the South Butte Seeding Allotment are within the Triple B Wild Horse Herd Management Area (HMA).

 Large portions of these allotments are located within summer, winter, and nesting sage grouse habitat. Mule deer, pronghorn, elk and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep habitat occur within the allotments, including unoccupied bighorn sheep range. Migratory birds also use this area.

 Term permit renewals are issued in accordance with Title 43 CFR 4130.2(a), "Grazing permits or leases shall be issued to qualified applicants to authorize use on the public lands and other lands under the administration of the Bureau of Land Management that are designated as available for livestock grazing through land use plans."

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Contact:  TJ Mabey
Phone:  (775) 289-1867
Project Status: Completed