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08/13/2018 15:05:28 MDT
The Public Review and Comment Period ended August 13, 2018
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Colorado River District, Lake Havasu Field Office has developed a Travel Management Plan (TMP) for the travel routes and route uses in the Bouse and Cactus Plain Travel Management Areas.  The travel management areas are located within Mohave and La Paz Counties, Arizona.  

The BLM has prepared an Environmental Assessment that analyzes a range of management options to address travel routes, route uses, and how the BLM proposes to manage motorized vehicle, OHV, and non-motorized public travel within the Travel Management Areas. 

The public scoping period ended in July, 2017.  Comments received during the scoping period were considered during preparation of the Environmental Assessment.

The public comment and review period for the Environmental Assessment and proposed route networks ended August 13, 2018.

Two public meetings were held during the public comment period in the communities of Bouse and Parker.
What is a Comprehensive Travel and Transportation Managment Plan?

A comprehensive travel and transportation management plan is a wide-ranging analysis considering the access needs of all public land users. Access needs are evaluated in conjunction with the BLM's legal mandate to protect natural and cultural resources on public lands. Individual route evaluations and designations that are included in the Comprehensive Travel and Transportation Management Plan will be analyzed in an environmental assessment. Based on this analysis; every route on BLM-managed lands will receive one of the following designations: 

Open: Route is open for use by the public.
Limited: Travel on this route is limited to the public in some form (seasonal restriction, administrative access,vehicle width restriction, non-motorized use, etc.).
Closed: closed.

Additional information, including contact information, draft maps showing existing routes and other available documents are located on this webpage using the links on the left navigation pane.