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Project Synopsis
The BLM’s Colorado State Office conducts quarterly competitive sales to lease available oil and gas parcels. A Notice of Competitive Lease Sale (Sale Notice), which lists parcels to be offered at the Lease Sale auction, is published by the Colorado State Office at least 45 days before the auction is held. Lease stipulations applicable to each parcel are specified in the Sale Notice. The decision as to which public lands and minerals are open for leasing and what leasing stipulations may be necessary, based on information available at the time, is made during the land use planning process. Constraints on leasing and any future development of split estate parcels are determined by BLM in consultation with the appropriate surface management agency or the private surface owner.

For the proposed oil and gas lease sale for the Grand Junction Field Office and Colorado River Valley Field Office scheduled for December 2017, the BLM considered whether offering the parcels would be consistent with the oil and gas availability decisions and lease stipulations adopted in the Grand Junction Field Office Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (2015 GJFO ROD/ARMP), the Colorado River Valley Field Office Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (2015 CRVFO ROD/ARMP), and the Northwest Colorado Greater Sage-Grouse Approved Resource Management Plan Amendment (2015 ARMPA). The three aforementioned ROD/RMPs meet the requirements and regulations for implementing the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (Title 43 CFR, part 1600). In accordance with the 2015 GJFO ROD/ARMP, 2015 CRVFO ROD/ARMP, 2015 ARMPA and all parcels have attached stipulations, including No Surface Occupancy (NSO), Timing Limitation (TL), and Controlled Surface Use (CSU) stipulations, and Lease Notices.

This Determination of NEPA Adequacy (DNA) documents the review of the 28 nominated
parcels under the administration of the GJFO and CRVFO. It serves to verify conformance with
the approved land use plans and provides the rationale for the Field Offices to recommend
offering or deferring particular parcels from a Lease Sale.

In accordance with BLM Colorado Instruction Memorandum (IM) No. 2012-027 and BLM
Washington Office IM No. 2010-117, this unsigned DNA has been released for a 30-day public
comment period. Any comments received during the 30-day period will be incorporated into the
DNA as appropriate.

The Proposed Action addressed by this DNA is to offer for Competitive Lease Sale, in December
2017, a total of 28 parcels containing 27,283.79 acres of Federal mineral estate. One parcel
(7974) is located entirely in the CRVFO resource area; the remaining 27 parcels are located in
the GJFO resource area. The combined area of the parcels is distributed as follows:
By County: Approximately 22,308.50 acres in Mesa County and 4,975.29 acres in Garfield

By Field Office: Approximately 27,281.00 acres in the GJFO and 2.79 acres in the CRVFO.
The BLM administers the mineral estate of the 28 parcels recommended for lease, while the
BLM and private landowners manage the respective surface estates.
Of the 28 proposed parcels, three have some amount of private surface ownership. The total
amount of surface lands with private ownership is 805.54 acres, or approximately 2.9% of the
Lease Sale area.
Please see the attached DNA document pdf file, which includes the body of the DNA and attachments describing parcels initially proposed; parcels to be deferred in whole or in part due to resource or other reasons; parcels proposed for leasing, with attached lease stipulations; descriptions of lease stipulations to be applied to some or all of the parcels; and a map of the parcels.

The public comment period for the attached DNA document is May 10, 2017, through June 9, 2017