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04/05/2019 07:30:07 MDT
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The public comment period for this phase of the TMA2 planning has now closed.  We appreciate your comments and are now in the process of reviewing them with our contractor and will begin incorporating your feedback into our TMP/EA.  We will keep you posted on our progress.


Our office has been busy working with our contractor and we are releasing our Draft TMP and EA for a 30-Day Public Review.  Comments are due by the close of business on Wednesday, April 3.

You can sumbit your comments utilizing the following methods:
• Utilize ePlanning (click on the documents link on the left & then click the "Comment on Document" button next to the EA document name)
• Mail to Outdoor Recreation Planner, Little Snake Field Office, 455 Emerson Street, Craig CO  81625
• Email to lsfoweb@blm.gov
• Deliver them to the Little Snake Field Office

The Draft EA is available for you to review on the Documents page.  Please use the navigation on the left hand side of the screen.
Click here to view an Interactive Map of TMA2

Thank you to all the people who took time out of their busy schedules to provide written scoping comments on the preliminary travel management designation alternatives for TMA2, which includes 370,000 acres of BLM lands between Maybell and Craig north to the Wyoming border.   GIS data, preliminary route designation reports and additional information presented at the Open House is available by clicking on the Documents, Maps and Data categories on the lefthand side of the screen.

We will begin analyzing your comments and start formulating a Draft EA/TMP.  We will keep you posted on the status of the project.

We continue to strive for a collaborative effort between our agency, our cooperators and the public who utilize the BLM lands we manage in the Little Snake Field Office.