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08/06/2018 11:28:01 MDT
Browns Canyon National Monument (BCNM) - Management Planning

NOTICE 8/6/2018
New Timeline Posted; Please see enabled comments tab at Documents & Reports

BLM and USFS have completed a pre-scoping analysis of the BCNM management situation, and assessed our understanding of best available scientific information, data gaps, ecological conditions and trends, BCNM management questions, internal agency issues and concerns of the Browns Canyon National Monument resources, objects, and values.

Please see Planning Assessment Report (February 2018) published at the Documents & Reports link at left. The agencies have also completed a BCNM Socioeconomic Basesline Assessment (April, 2018). BLM welcomes report review by federal, state, local and tribal government, all interested BCNM stakeholders and the public.

The agencies will reference these BCNM reports to inform a streamlined NEPA process and joint land use management plan to be completed from 2017-2020. The schedule for NEPA public scoping and management planning is currently being re-evaluated to conform with Secretarial Order 3355 and to prioritize concurrent Eastern Colorado RMP completion.

BLM and USFS are pleased and committed to completing the BCNM resource management plan, per Congressional direction in 2018, and appreciate your continued interest in the monument and the federal planning process. Please use the comment bar here in ePlanning for any comments that you may have on these BCNM reports and continue to monitor this site for information on the management planning process for the Browns Canyon National Monument. 
The Browns Canyon National Monument was established by presidential proclamation under the Antiquites Act on February 19, 2015.  The monument covers an area of 21,604 acres of scenic and diverse natural resources along the upper Arkansas River of Colorado and encompasses both the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service (FS) lands. Browns Canyon National Monument includes the Arkansas River Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA), the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area, the Browns Canyon Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), and U.S. Forest Service roadless areas.  In addition, a portion of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA), a Cooperative Management Area along the Arkansas River administered by the FS, the BLM, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), is included.  This project is an effort to develop an interagency cooperative plan, to manage, into the future, the many resources the Monument has to offer.