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06/12/2017 06:44:15 MDT
Browns Canyon National Monument

THANK YOU for your interest and involvement in the Browns Canyon National Monument Management Planning.


Friday (6/9/2017) was the last day for comments on the draft study and report
 Social Landscape of the Browns Canyon National Monument. The draft report and presentation at the Salida Steam Plant can be still be downloaded by clicking the Documents & Reports link to the left. 

Background: On Saturday May 20 BLM and USFS presented an independent study and draft report of public views and values of the Browns Canyon National Monument  completed by researchers from the US Forest Service Pacfic NW Research Station, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and Consensus Building INstitute. The draft report summarizes results from public listening sessions and an innovative participatory mapping processs, called human ecology mapping completed in Fall 2016 to gather people’s views, significant places, and values, to inform and guide monument management for the next 20 years.

•    BLM and the USFS jointly request public review and comments of the draft documents by June 9, 2017 to see if the agencies and supporting organizations adequately have captured the public's views, breadth of values, and vision for the forthcoming Browns Canyon National Monument Management Plan – EIS process. Specifically, do these reports capture and portray public views, values, vision for the monument adequately?

•    Also from April to June 2017, the public is invited to engage in a collaborative process to identify relevant baseline information and local knowledge to be considered for the assessment and development of the Browns Canyon National Monument management plan. 

•    The agencies are asking the public to share and identify other high quality information and best available scientific information that describe the ecological, social and economic conditions to inform the Browns Canyon National Monument Management Plan development.

Thank you for your continued interest!!


The Browns Canyon National Monument was established by presidential proclamation under the Antiquites Act on February 19, 2015.  The monument covers an area of 21,604 acres of scenic and diverse natural resources along the upper Arkansas River of Colorado and encompasses both the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service (FS) lands. Browns Canyon National Monument includes the Arkansas River Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA), the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area, the Browns Canyon Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), and U.S. Forest Service roadless areas.  In addition, a portion of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA), a Cooperative Management Area along the Arkansas River administered by the FS, the BLM, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), is included.  This project is an effort to develop an interagency cooperative plan, to manage, into the future, the many resources the Monument has to offer.