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02/27/2019 15:45:50 MST
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Kanab Field Office, are proposing to improve land health, enhance sagebrush-steppe habitat and return vegetative condition to a state that more closely resembles the historical fire regime, through the Skutumpah Terrace Sagebrush Steppe Enhancement Project. This would be accomplished by conducting a variety of vegetation treatments to reduce pinyon-juniper extent and density and diversify existing sagebrush stands throughout the Project area.   A variety of resource management tools such as mechanical and chemical treatments, prescribed fire, and seeding are proposed to achieve this purpose. The need for the Project is to implement past and current planning direction for the area which calls for protecting wildlife habitat and migration corridors, meeting objectives outlined in adopted species management plans and improving land health.
The BLM has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate the vegetation condition and potential effects from vegetation treatments relative to the Skutumpah Terrace Sagebrush Steppe Enhancement Project.  The proposed treatments will provide opportunity for: (1) reduced fuels and risk to life and property from catastrophic wildfire; (2) restoration and enhancement of the sagebrush-steppe ecosystem; (3) an increase in plant species diversity and improvement of watershed conditions and water quality; (4) improvement in the health of both woodland and sagebrush/grasslands by increasing vegetation diversity as well as age class and structure; (5) enhance important seasonal and year-around habitat for several species of wildlife including but not limited to sage-grouse and other sagebrush-obligate species, mule deer, elk, and pronghorn antelope; (6) decrease pinyon-juniper expansion into areas historically dominated by sagebrush and grass; and (7) protect relict plant communities.

The BLM has released the final EA, a Finding of No Significant Impact, and a Decision Record authorizing the Proposed Action as of February 27, 2019. Those Documents can be found under the documents tab on the left margin of this page. See the Decision Record for details on the decision being made, rationale for the decision, and information on how to appeal the decision.