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NEW! Public Comment Period (February 28 - September 25)
Update: The public comment period for the Farmington-Mancos RMPA has been extended 120-days. The public comment period will now close on September 25, 2020.

The 90-day public comment period on the Draft Farmington Mancos Gallup RMPA/EIS began on February 28, 2020

To comment through this page please click on "Documents & Reports" at the top of the column to the left. This will bring you to all documents associated with this project. You may comment on the Draft  RMPA/EIS through the "Comment on Document" button to the right of Volume I.

You can find the location, dates, and times of the public meetings under the "Meetings" Section below "How to get Involved" to the left of this page.
In compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended (NEPA), and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, as amended (FLPMA), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Farmington Field Office, Farmington, New Mexico, along with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Navajo Regional Office, has prepared a Resource Management Plan (RMP) Amendment with an associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to address issues relating to oil and gas in the Mancos Shale/Gallup Formation.

The initial scoping period, announced by Federal Register Notice of Intent on February 25, 2014, offered the public an opportunity to comment on planning criteria and issues related to the BLM’s RMPA/EIS.  After the close of the public scoping period on the RMPA/EIS, the BIA formally joined the EIS process as a joint lead agency and intends to use this planning effort to inform its subsequent mineral leasing and associated activity decision-making processes.  An additional round of scoping was announced by Federal Register Notice of Intent on October 21, 2016. The BIA will use the EIS as the analytical basis for decisions pertaining to the leasing of Tribal trust and individual Indian allotted minerals within the Planning Area. 

The RMP Amendment/EIS analyzes the impacts of additional development in what was previously considered a fully developed oil and gas play within the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico.  The Mancos Shale/Gallup Formation was analyzed in the 2002 Reasonable Foreseeable Development (RFD) Scenario and current Farmington Field Office 2003 Resource Management Plan (RMP)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Subsequent improvements and innovations in horizontal drilling technology and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing have enhanced the economics of developing this stratigraphic horizon.  With favorable oil prices, the oil play in the southern part of the Farmington Field Office boundary has drawn considerable interest.  As full-field development occurs, especially in the shale oil play, additional impacts may occur that previously were not anticipated in the RFD or analyzed in the current 2003 RMP/EIS which will require an EIS-level plan amendment and revision of the RFD for complete analysis of the Mancos Shale/Gallup Formation.

This EIS is in preparation of a RMP Amendment and not a revision, therefore, not all decisions from the 2003 RMP will be revisited.  Decisions in the Mancos-Gallup RMPA/EIS will be focused on the following resource programs:

• Fluid leasable minerals;
• Vegetation management,
• Lands and realty; and
• Lands with wilderness characteristics.

All other resources are outside of the scope of this planning effort.  However, impacts of the decisions for the resources being addressed will be analyzed on all affected resources.

The Farmington Field Office has completed the Analysis of Management Situation (AMS) evaluating current management of BLM lands and identifying opportunities for improvement. Both the Scoping Report and the AMS are available for public review under "Documents and Reports."  To be kept up-to-date on important developments during the RMP Amendment process, please request to be added to the RMP Mailing List.