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Due to a temporary logistical issue with the BLM's protest post office box, protests may be returned as undeliverable. If your protest is returned, please contact Deena at (202) 912-7212 or by email at protest@blm.gov.  Protests postmarked by June 2 will be accepted even if returned to the sender.
If you have not submitted your protest yet, please submit an advanced copy of your protest and any corresponding attachments via email to protest@blm.gov, and follow this up with your original protest via mail to the BLM's mailing address at:  

Director (WO-210)
Attention: Protest Coordinator
20 M Street SE, Room 2134LM
Washington, DC  20003
Or REGULAR mail:
Director (210)
Attention: Protest Coordinator
P.O. Box 71383
Washington, D.C. 20024-1383

The Finalized Environmental Assessement and Proposed California Desert Conservation Area Plan (CDCA) Plan Amendment for the Eagle Crest Energy Gen-tie and Water Pipeline Right-of-Way is now published for a 30-day protest period.  Protests of the Proposed Plan Amendment will be considered.

Protest Procedures can be found at 43 CFR 1610.5-2.

The Environmental Assessment and Proposed Plan Amendment along with the other associated documents can be located at the "Documents" section on the left side of this page.
The project is located in the vicinity of Desert Center, California, and involves approximately 1,150 acres of public land, and 1,377 acres of private lands. Eagle Crest Energy Company has applied to the BLM for a right-of-way (ROW) grant to construct, operate, maintain and decommission a 500 kilovolt [kV) generation interconnect [gen-tie) line and a water pipeline. The gen-tie line would transmit electricity generated by Eagle Crest's pumped storage facility to the Southern California Edison's Red Bluff sub-station located on BLM lands in Riverside County, California. The water line would draw water from an area below private land, traverse BLM land, and fill the reservoirs at the pumped storage facility.  The Pumped Storage Project was licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on June 19, 2014 and the BLM-managed lands identified have been withdrawn for purposes of this project under the Section 24 of the Federal Power Act.