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Project Status
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Sierra Front Field Office has prepared the Mason Valley to Smith Valley Transmission Right-of-Way Project, Environmental Assessment (EA), Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Decision Record (DR) (DOI-BLM-NV-C020-2015-0029-EA) to analyze the direct, indirect, and cumulative effects from issuing a right-of-way grant (ROW) on public lands to NV Energy, proposing to construct, operate, and maintain three new transmission lines, two substations, distribution modifications, and access roads.  The ROW would be located on public land in Mason and Smith Valleys, Lyon County, Nevada 

For more information contact Gerrit Buma, Planning and Environmental Coordinator at: 775-885-6004 or by email at: MasonSmithEA@blm.gov.

Public Scoping Notice - July 17, 2015 

In November 2014, Sierra Pacific Power Company dba NV Energy (NV Energy) submitted to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Sierra Front Field Office in Carson City, Nevada a right-of-way (ROW) amendment application. The application and draft Plan of Development (POD) details the need for the Mason Valley to Smith Valley Transmission Right-of-Way Project.

NV Energy identified the need to improve voltage support and customer reliability for Smith Valley, and to replace two aging substations, the Bridge Street and Anaconda substations, with a modern substation (Mason Substation) in order to meet modern electrical safety standards and improve customer service and reliability.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and National Historic Preservation Act, an environmental assessment to evaluate the potential effects from the project would be prepared by the BLM.

An environmental assessment is intended to be an overview of environmental concerns, not an exhaustive study of all environmental issues.

In preparing their application and draft POD, NV Energy has described the features of the project as follows:

  • Three existing 60 kV transmission lines would be connected to three new 60 kV lines west of Weed Heights. The lines would run for approximately 2.4 miles south to the new Mason Substation. One line would support a single circuit and a second line would support two circuits;
  • A new Mason Substation would be constructed;
  • The existing 17-mile Smith Valley 25 kV line would be rebuilt for operation at 60 kV (with a capacity of 120 kV) from the Mason Substation to the Smith Valley Substation;
  • The existing Smith Valley Switching Station would be rebuilt as the Smith Valley Substation to receive the incoming transmission line and connected to the three existing distribution circuits serving the Smith Valley and Topaz Ranch Estates area;
  • The Anaconda Substation would be decommissioned and removed;
  • The Bridge Street Substation would be decommissioned and removed;
  • A short distribution circuit (Mason 205) would be constructed from the Mason Substation would connect to the nearby existing 205 distribution circuit;
  • Along the Mason 205/208 distribution feeder there would be pole replacement or circuit reconfiguration;
  • Along the Mason 204/208 distribution feeder, a new double circuit distribution would tie into existing distribution circuits. This would replace a portion of an existing 25 kV (206) distribution line; and
  • Three 60 kV transmission lines that share a narrow corridor from the start of the proposed Mason transmission lines to the Anaconda Substation would be removed.

This scoping period closed on August 3, 2015.