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Rough Canyon Drift Fence in the Paiute Meadows Allotment

The Paiute Meadows Allotment (PMA) is approximately 40 air miles southwest of Denio, Nevada and encompasses the east side of the Black Rock Range. The allotment boundary extends from the higher elevations in the Black Rock Range to the east arm of the Black Rock Desert.

The purpose of the proposed action is to provide an effective means of keeping livestock out of the North Paiute High Elevation area during specific times of the year as defined in the Paiute Meadows Final Multiple Use Decision (FMUD), 2003. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a responsibility under its Grazing Administration Regulations (43CFR Part 4100) to ensure that the designed grazing system is followed and effective.


The proposed action is to build approximately 1.07 miles of new permanent fence. The fence would be located in T 41N, R 27E, section 14. (Refer to Section 11.0 for map of proposed fence location). The site would be accessed by existing roads.

The proposed fence would reduce livestock drift from the North Paiute Low Elevation use area into North Paiute High Elevation use area during the hot season, which is also the season of non-use (7/1 to 10/6). The fence would limit livestock access through Rough Canyon and the subsequent drift of cattle along Battle Creek and Bartlett Creek. The North Fork of Battle Creek is occupied habitat for the federally listed threatened species, Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT).

The Paiute Meadows Allotment permittee, Paiute Meadows Grazing Association, LLC, has proposed to maintain the proposed drift fence using materials provided by the BLM. A cooperative agreement would be issued to the permittee prior to the construction of the fence.