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  Competitive Mineral Materials Sale
Parkdale Quarry, Fremont County
Environmental Impact Statement


The Royal Gorge Field Office is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to analyze and disclose the environmental effects of authorizing a competitive sale of mineral materials in the Parkdale area of Fremont County.
  The analyses will focus on significant environmental issues and alternatives and include public involvement throughout the preparation and process.
  Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. [Martin Marietta] applied to purchase approximately 400-million net tons of aggregate reserves on BLM managed lands, just north of their existing quarry operating on private land in Parkdale. BLM determined that there is a need to analyze and respond to Martin Mariettas' application in a timely manner and identify any contract conditions necessary for resource protection and public safety.

Martin Marietta is an American-based company and a leading supplier of building materials - including aggregates, cement, ready mixed concrete and asphalt. The company is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with division headquarters located in Denver, CO. The existing, private quarry produces aggregate (crushed stone, gravel and sand) for use in offsite Martin Marietta operated asphalt and ready-mix facilities located throughout southeast Colorado. The quarry also supplies material to the company's customers in southeastern Colorado and southwestern Kansas regions.

The proposal to expand the private quarry onto BLM mineral material reserves would sustain uniterrupted aggretate supplies in this area, extending the mine life to over 100 years. The mineral materials produced from BLM would provide aggregate for similar uses, in addition to becoming a significant source of rail ballast.

Uses of aggregates consist of three categories:
    - As a load bearing material (e.g. concrete)
    - As a fill material (e.g. backfill for pipe trench)
    - As infiltration material (e.g. water filtration)
  Aggregates are critical in the manafacturing of concrete and are used to reduce shrinkage, strengthen the material and provide economic efficiencies. To be used in ballast, aggregate must consist of a strong rock type (such as granite). This rock supports a heavy static and dynamic load, and also helps distribute the load and transfer it to the stable ground surface.

The Parkdale Quarry is the only quarry in the State of Colorado with direct rail access. Rail access is important for the construction and long-term maintenance of railroad infrastructure because of the costs and challenges posed by moving critical ballast material by truck. Currently, most railroad ballast used in Colorado originates from Wyoming or from east-central Oklahoma. An expansion of the existing Parkdale Quarry onto the BLM would result in a local source of rail-accessible ballast for Colorado, as well as for adjacent states.

The mining activity would be conducted on up to approximately 700 acres of BLM, with an idenfied area being maintained as a no disturbance buffer along the perimeter.

The EIS will outline the purpose and need for the quarry expansion. Potential impacts for authorizing the mineral materials sale will be disclosed, along with suggested mitigation measures.
    Parkdale Quarry, Fremont County, CO  
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