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Project Description
The Bureau of Land Management, Upper Snake Field Office has completed an environmental assessment to analyze additional recreational access and opportunities along the western and southern shores of Henry’s Lake. Fremont County submitted a proposal to BLM to expand Frome Park, located on the northwest shore of Henry’s Lake.  Currently, Frome Park consists of spurs for camping, vault toilets, a boat ramp and a day use parking area.  As part of a holistic approach to the development, the BLM also considerd how to develop and/or manage public land areas along the lake’s south shore.  Currently, the South Shore Access is undeveloped with an unimproved boat ramp and dirt road accessing approximately 600 yards of the shoreline.

In 2003, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acquired approximately 100 acres along the South Shore of Henrys Lake through an exchange.  The acquisition enabled public access to the shoreline and lake for dispersed recreation use.  An undeveloped boat ramp is located on the northeast portion of this acquired property.  Dispersed recreation use on approximately 180 acres of BLM-managed lands on the bench to the east of the undeveloped boat ramp has historically occurred.  The South Shore proposed project is located on the southern shore of Henrys Lake on public lands within NE ¼ of section 19, N ¼ of section 20, and NW ¼ of section 21, T. 15 N., R. 43 E., Boise Meridian, Idaho.
In 1973, approximately 328.20 acres of BLM managed lands along the west shore of Henrys Lake were classified as suitable for lease and conveyance under the Recreation and Public Purposes (R&PP) Act and were subsequently patented to Fremont County for a recreational park on August 20, 1973.  By 1981, approximately 10 to 15 acres were developed on patented lands. In 1983, Fremont County submitted an application requesting a right-of-way on the main county road (Henry’s Lake Drive) because they intended to relinquish the majority of the patented acres back to U.S. The County decided to retain waterfront portions and in 1984, the County deeded 200 acres back to the United States and managed by the BLM.  Unbeknownst to the County and BLM at the time, a portion of the 200 acres was encumbered with park development.  Approximately 4.5 acres of the lands deeded back were unintentionally developed on the BLM in the 1990s; which included vault toilets, camp sites, and walkways. 
In 2012, Fremont County submitted an application requesting an authorization for the approximate 4.5 acres that are currently developed on BLM-managed lands as part of the County’s Frome Park.  In addition, the County requested an expansion of the recreation park. 

The existing Frome Park including the proposed expansion area, is located on the western shore of Henrys Lake on public land within the E½SE¼ of section 1, T. 15 N., R. 43 E., Boise Meridian, Idaho.  The portion of the park that occupies Fremont County-owned property are in Lots 5 and 6 of section 6, T. 15 N., R. 43 E., Boise Meridian, Idaho.  
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