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Project Synopsis
BLM Colorado is planning a competitive sale of Federal oil and gas lease parcels on December 13, 2018.  Statewide, the sale is currently planned to include 81 parcels containing 82,863.340 acres.  This includes five parcels containing 2,830.55 acres in the Uncompahgre Field Office (UFO), of which 1,137.74 acres are in Delta County (one entire parcel and a portion of a second parcel) and 1,682.81 acres in Gunnison County (a portion of one parcel and three entire parcels).  One parcel includes portions in both counties.  Two parcels in Gunnison County include a total of 677.15 acres of surface lands administerd by the BLM; all other portions of the five parcels are split-estate lands, with private surface underlain by Federal mineral estate.  Legal descriptions for the currently planned parcels are listed in Attachment C to the Final EA included on this website.  Attachment E to the Final EA provides parcel location maps.

As noted in the Preliminary EA, three additional parcels (#8389, 8390, and 8391) located on or near underground coalmines north of the North Fork River near Bowie were determined by the BLM to have been included at the time of scoping due to administrative error.  These parcels are listed in Attachment A, indicated as dropped in Attachment B, and shown on the first parcel map in Attachment E of the Final EA included on this website.      

Because the new Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the UFO is still in preparation, the BLM has determined that lease stipulations to be analyzed in the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed UFO lease parcels, and applied to any leases issued under this EA, would be drawn from the Proposed Draft RMP/Final EIS instead of the current RMP, approved in 1989.  The stipulations available under the Proposed RMP are derived in turn from BLM's Statewide Stipulations for Colorado, modified as necessary to reflect conditions and issues specific to the UFO area.  These stipulations are much greater in number and broader in scope than available in the 1989 RMP and comparable to those in recently approved RMPs for other BLM Field Offices in western Colorado. 

Attachment C in the Final EA on this webpage lists the stipulations currently proposed for the UFO parcels, based on UFO's Geographic Information System (GIS) database of areas identified for No Surface Occupancy (NSO), Controlled Surface Use (CSU), and Timing Limitation (TL) restrictions analyzed in the Proposed Draft RMP/Final EIS.  The proposed stipulations are also based on GIS layers for a wide range of resources and resource uses, mapping and additional information available from other Federal and State agencies, and familiarity with the area by BLM resource specialists as a result of previous projects or BLM management activities.  Attachment D in the Final EA provides narrative descriptions of each stipulation.  Attachment F to the Final EA includes a table (Table F-1) also isting the 20 NSO, CSU, and TL stipulations applied to the currently planned parcels.  The protections provided by these stipulations would be supplemented at the time of planning and analysis of any future oil and gas developments as Conditions of Approval (COAs) under BLM's regulatory authority.

Attachment F to the Final EA presents synopses of comments submitted during public review of the Preliminary EA, along with BLM responses.  Tables F-2 through F-5 in Attachment F list individuals and organizations submitting comments on the Preliminary EA.  Table F-6 lists individuals and organizations submitting scoping comments at the outset of the EA process.  The BLM received a total of 393 comments on the Preliminary EA during the public comment period from August 27, 2018, to September 11, 2018.  This total included 135 from individuals or businesses, 246 from members of a citizens group, 6 from environmental organizations, and 6 from governmental entities and elected officials.  The initial scoping comment period yielded 357 comment submissions in approximately the same proportions. 

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