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Project Synopsis
BLM Colorado is planning a competitive sale of Federal oil and gas lease parcels on December 6, 2018.  Statewide, the sale is currently planned to include 224 parcels totaling 230,944.29 acres of Federal mineral estate.  This total includes five parcels and approximately 2,830.55 acres in the Uncompahgre Field Office (UFO), distributed as follows: Delta County -- 1,140.16 acres, Gunnison County -- 1,690.39 acres.  One parcel includes portions in both counties.  Four of the parcels include both Federal and private surface lands, while the other four are entirely on private surface (split-estate) lands.  The list of proposed parcels for the UFO area is included on this webpage, along with a map showing the parcel locations.  

UPDATE: As noted in the Preliminary EA, three parcels (#8389, 8390, and 8391) located with or near coalmines north of the North Fork River near Bowie were determined by the BLM to have been included at the time of scoping due to administrative error.  These parcels have been dropped.  Corrected acreages are shown in red in the paragraph above.    

Because the new Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the UFO is still in preparation, the BLM has determined that lease stipulations to be analyzed in the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed UFO lease parcels, and applied to any leases issued under this EA, would be drawn from the Proposed RMP (see correction below) instead of the current RMP approved in 1989.  The stipulations available under the Proposed RMP are derived in turn from BLM's Statewide Stipulations for Colorado, modified as necessary to reflect conditions and issues specific to the UFO area.  These stipulations, much greater in number and broader in scope than available in the 1989 RMP, are generally comparable to those included in recently approved RMPs for other BLM Field Offices in western Colorado. 

Attachment C, also included on this webpage, lists the stipulations currently proposed for the five UFO parcels, based on UFO's Geographic Information System (GIS) database of areas identified for No Surface Occupancy (NSO), Controlled Surface Use (CSU), and Timing Limitation (TL) restrictions under the proposed RMP.  The proposed stipulations are also based on GIS layers for a wide range of resources and resource uses, mapping and additional information available from other Federal and State agencies, and familiarity with the area by BLM resource specialists as a result of previous projects or BLM management activities.

CORRECTION: The project synopsis above incorrectly referred to UFO's Proposed Resource Management Plan (PRMP) as the source of stipulations to be applied to any of the UFO parcels issued as leases at the December 2018 lease sale.  The correct way to descriibe the source of the stipulations is that they were derived from the resource information, analyses, and public scoping associated with the Draft RMP Revision and Draft EIS published in 2016.  This correction has been incorporated into the Preliminary EA to be made available for public review on August 27.

In preparing Attachment F (summaries of scoping comments) in the Preliminary EA, the BLM inadvertently failed to include some additional letters from organizations and individuals.  Although these comments did not identify issues and concerns different from the synopses in Attachment F, the BLM wishes to acknowledge receipt of the letters, and specifically those from the Town of Paonia Administrator (Kenneth D. Knight) on behalf of the Mayor, the Paonia Board of Trustees, and the Citizens of Paonia; the Western Slope Conservation Center (Alex Johnson), with an attached petition and 124 signatures; and the Colorado Farm and Food Alliance (Pete Kolbenschlag), with 31 signatures.  The BLM regrets these omissions.
PUBLIC SCOPING COMMENTS on the oil and gas lease sale in December 2018 of eight proposed parcels in the UFO area were submitted through July 17, 2018, on the BLM Colorado Statewide Lease Sale webpage at the following link and reviewed by the BLM:  


Supporting information posted at scoping included an initial parcel list with legal descriptions, parcel maps, and Attachment C listing the eight parcels initially proposed and the lease stipulations proposed to be attached to each parcel.

For information regarding PUBLIC REVIEW OF THE PRELIMINARY EA and how to submit comments, see the Documents tab