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09/05/2019 08:00:28 MDT
Thank you to everyone who submitted comments during the Route Evaluation Review comment period.  Our contractor and ID team are currently analyzing your input and will incorporate the feedback into the evaulations.

The Route Reports are now available on the documents page.  Due to file size the reports have been combined into smaller groups.  These are the initial reports and various routes may be updated based upon the finalization of the route evaluations.

If all goes as planned, we will begin work on the EA the first part of October.

Public Commenting

Thank you for your input on our route inventory during the last comment period.  We added 258 additional route segments to our linear inventory based upon your comments:

Updated Inventory Status (04/05/19)
1,927.83 miles of routes
6,585 segments

Updated GIS data for the route inventory is available on the data page.

We had a Public Meeting on Thursday, March 14.  All the materials from the meeting are located on the Documents and Maps pages.  We continue to look forward to input from you on your vision for new and existing routes in TMA3!

You can sumbit your comments utilizing the following methods (a comment form is located on the Documents page):
• In person at the public meeting
• Mail to Outdoor Recreation Planner, Little Snake Field Office, 455 Emerson Street, Craig CO  81625
• Email to lsfoweb@blm.gov
• Deliver them to the Little Snake Field Office

All comments must be delivered or postmarked by the Close of Business on Tuesday, March 26, 2019!

Basic Project Information

Travel Management Area 3 consists of the remaining lands in the field office not previously analyzed in TMAs 1 & 2.  It is comprised of Units 1, 5 & 10-17 (Cold Springs, North Routt, Diamond Mountain, Browns Park, Douglas Mountain, Cross Mountain, Axial Basin, Williams Fork, Elk Springs & South Routt).  This area covers a total of 2,133,833 acres, of which BLM administers 638,195 acres.

The TMA is bounded by the Routt National Forest on the east, a combination of the Routt & White River National Forests, Dinosaur National Monument and the Little Snake Field Office Boundary on the south, the Utah state line on the west and the Colorado/Wyoming state line on the north.

Inventory Status (03/20/18)
1,870.81 miles of routes
6,327 segments

Additional Information
Please click on the menu options on the left side for additional information:
Inventory Comment Forms (printable & fillable)
Draft Inventory Scoping Letters (03/29/18)

Draft Inventory Map
Large Format Maps (formatted to be plotted on "D" size paper)
Coming Soon Map Book (series of multiple pages at 1:24,000 scale formatted for legal size paper)

Arc Shapefiles (Draft Linear Inventory, Point Inventory, Boundary & Surface Management Status)
Google Earth Files (Draft Linear Inventory, Point Inventory, Boundary & Surface Management Status)

The routes in this unit have been inventoried on the ground by permanent staff, interns and seasonals utilizing Global Positioning Units (GPS) to capture the location of the routes and a Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine the accuracy of the inventory.  Some routes were digitized utilizing various forms of imagery to capture routes we were unable to access on the ground.  Approximately 74% of the routes in TMA3 were collected with GPS technology.

This inventory occurred over a period of almost 6 years, beginning April 19, 2012 and ending March 5, 2018.

Public input will be crucial to developing a comprehensive inventory of all the routes currently existing on public lands managed by the Little Snake Field Office in TMA3.  We look forward to working with our partners and interested public during the entire process.  We will be accepting draft inventory scoping comments through June 29, 2018.  We have chosen a lengthy comment period in order for our Cooperators, permittees, lease holders, adjacent landowners & interested parties to conduct their ground-truthing efforts during the spring & summer months.  We encourage all permittees, lease holders, adjacent landowners and interested parties to schedule a meeting with our staff in order to review specific areas of interest.