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Public Scoping Period
The BLM received written comments by mail, email, and by oral testimony at public scoping meetings. The BLM developed a systematic comment analysis method to ensure that all comments were tracked and considered. On receipt, each comment letter was assigned an identification number and logged into a database that allowed the BLM to analyze comments and develop issue statements. Substantive comments from each letter were categorized based on content, and all categorized comments were linked to the commenter who submitted them.

During the public scoping period, the BLM received approximately 1,100 unique submission comment letters from individuals, local, state, and federal agencies, and representatives from organizations and trade-groups. In addition, several organizations and groups held form letter campaigns to submit scoping comments. From these form letter campaigns, the BLM received over 213,000 submissions from 19 separate organizations and groups, most of which were identical. For each campaign letter, an example copy of the submission is included on this website and is analyzed in the scoping report. This website does not include each identical letter submitted as part of a form letter campaign. Form letters modified with unique substantive comments were given their own submission number and were categorized appropriately. In addition to the form letter campaigns, 5 petition letters were received, with a total of 91,567 signatures.

All of the unique comment submissions (including example copies of the form letter submissions) are accessible as individual PDF files in the comment zip files below. Each PDF file name contains the commenter’s last name and organization (if any). The provided indices track all unique comment submissions and can be used to find specific comments in the zip files. Download a zip file to open any of the submissions contained within that file.

Federal Register Notice
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Notice of Intent 08/26/2016 Notice of Intent.pdf (174 KB)     

Public Scoping Comments
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Master Form Letters Index 09/23/2016 Form Letters Index.pdf (46 KB)     
Master Form Letters 09/22/2016 Master Form Letters.zip (19279 KB)     
Public Scoping Meeting Transcripts and Comments Index 09/23/2016 Meetings Index.pdf (145 KB)     
Public Scoping Meeting Transcripts and Comments 09/21/2016 Public Scoping Meeting Transcripts and Comments.zip (188155 KB)     
Individual Comments Index 09/23/2016 Individuals index.pdf (73 KB)     
Individual Comments 09/21/2016 Individual Comments.zip (79607 KB)     
Local, State, and Federal Agencies Index 09/23/2016 Agencies index.pdf (48 KB)     
Local, State, and Federal Agencies Comments 09/21/2016 Local, State, and Federal Agencies.zip (59535 KB)     
Associations, Organizations, Resource Advisory Councils, and Trade Groups Index 09/23/2016 Organizations Index.pdf (157 KB)     
Associations, Organizations, Resource Advisory Councils, and Trade Groups Comments 09/23/2016 Organizations (2).zip (1040409 KB)     

Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Final Scoping Report for the Federal Coal Program Review PEIS_Vol II 01/11/2017 Coal_PEIS_Vol_II_508.pdf (10311 KB)     
Final Scoping Report for the Federal Coal Program Review PEIS_Vol I 01/11/2017 CoalPEIS_RptsScoping_Vol1_508.pdf (3424 KB)