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Documents & Reports 
Uncompahgre Proposed RMP Cover
The Proposed RMP/Final EIS was released on June 28, 2019.  A PDF version is available to view and download below.  Paper copies are available for review at the following locations:
•    BLM Colorado State Office, 2850 Youngfield Street, Lakewood, CO 80215
•    Montrose Public Lands Center, 2465 South Townsend Avenue, Montrose, CO 81401
•    Public libraries in Delta, Hotchkiss, Montrose, Naturita, Norwood, Ouray, Paonia, Ridgway, and Telluride.
A limited number of CDs will be available by request.

Clicking on the Proposed RMP/Final EIS link below will take you to a separate webpage with the four RMP volumes available as individual PDFs. The content of each volume is as follows:
Executive Summary; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Alternatives; Chapter 3: Affected Environment; Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences, Part A
VOLUME IIChapter 4: Environmental Consequences, Part B; Chapter 5: Consultation and Coordination; References; Glossary; Index; Appendix A: Figures (Maps); Appendix B: Restrictions Applicable to Fluid Minerals Leasing and Other Surface-Disturbing Activities
VOLUME IIIAppendix C: BLM Standards for Public Land Health and Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management in Colorado; Appendix D: Ecological Emphasis Areas; Appendix E: Livestock Grazing Allotments and Allotment Levels; Appendix F: Summary of the Uncompahgre Planning Area Wilderness Characteristics Inventory: 2015 Update; Appendix G: Best Management Practices and Standard Operating Procedures; Appendix H: Colorado BLM Comprehensive Air Resource Protection Protocol; Appendix I: Uncompahgre Field Office Drought Detection and Monitoring Program; Appendix J: Description of Recreation Management Areas; Appendix K: Bighorn/Domestic Sheep Risk of Association Modeling; Appendix L: Coal Screening Criteria for the Uncompahgre Planning Area; Appendix M: Travel Management; Appendix N: Legal Descriptions of Lands Available for Disposal; Appendix O: Summaries of Critical Environmental Concern Report; Appendix P: Final Wild and Scenic River Suitability Report; Appendix Q: Air Emission Inventory Technical Support Document
VOLUME IV - Appendix R: Comment Summary and Response Report; Appendix S: Economic Impact Analysis Methodology; Appendix T: Description of Alternatives

1 - PROPOSED RMP/FINAL EIS (released June 28, 2019)
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Proposed RMP/Final EIS 06/28/2019  (4 Files)    
Response to Governor's Consistency Review 01/08/2020 2020-0108 UFO PRMP FEIS Governor's Consistency Response Letter signed.pdf (334 KB)     
Notice of Availability 06/28/2019 2019-13857_FR-NOA_PRMP-FEIS_2019-06-28.pdf (289 KB)     
News Release 06/28/2019 News Release.pdf (100 KB)     
Newsletter #3 06/28/2019 Uncompahgre RMP Newsletter3 2019-0625.pdf (214 KB)     
Cover 06/28/2019 Cover.pdf (718 KB)     
Dear Reader Letter 06/28/2019 Dear Reader Letter.pdf (414 KB)     
Abstract 06/28/2019 Abstract.pdf (52 KB)     
Map: Planning Area 06/28/2019 Map - Uncompahgre RMP Planning Area.pdf (521 KB)     
Table of Contents 06/28/2019 Table of Contents.pdf (196 KB)     
Protest Regulations 06/28/2019 Protest Regulations.pdf (164 KB)     

2 - DRAFT RMP/DRAFT EIS (Comment Period June 3 - November 1, 2016)
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
BLM News Release: Comment Period Extension 07/21/2016 2016-0721 News Release Comment Extension.pdf (284 KB)     
Federal Register Notice of Availability 06/03/2016 2016-13131.pdf (199 KB)     
Dear Reader Letter 06/03/2016 DearReader_UFO-DRMP-2016_508.pdf (2240 KB)     
Cover 06/03/2016 UFO RMP Cover.jpg (303 KB)     
Table of Contents and Acronyms & Abbreviations 06/03/2016 2016-0603 UFO RMP Table of Contents Acronyms Abbreviations.pdf (157 KB)     
VOLUME I - Executive Summary and Chapters 1-3 06/03/2016 Vol_I_UFO-DRMP-2016 web.pdf (6737 KB)     
VOLUME II - Chapters 4-5, References, Glossary, and Index 06/03/2016 Vol_II_UFO-DRMP-2016 web.pdf (4409 KB)     
VOLUME III - Appendices (including Maps) 06/03/2016 Vol_III_UFO-DRMP-2016 web.pdf (83880 KB)     

3 - PUBLIC SCOPING (February 25 - March 29, 2010)
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Federal Register Notice of Intent 02/25/2010 FR NOI.pdf (51 KB)     
Final Scoping Summary Report 07/23/2010 UFO_ScopingRpt_RvsdFinal_082514_508.pdf (4574 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Final Report 02/01/2013 ACEC Report Final 01152013.pdf (3201 KB)     
BLM Migratory Bird Status 11/04/2009 FINAL BLM Migratory Bird Status Lit Review LOW RESOLUTION.pdf (6285 KB)     
Coal Report 04/15/2010 UFO-FinalCoalRpt_04-15-10_508.pdf (17966 KB)     
Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Update 04/03/2015 2015-0403 UFO Wilderness Characteristics Update web.pdf (2794 KB)     
Mineral Potential Report 07/08/2011 UFO RMP Revsion FINAL Mineral Potential Report_7-8-2011.pdf (3958 KB)     
Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario 02/16/2012 Uncompahgre RFD 2012-0216.pdf (12810 KB)     
Renewable Energy Potential Report 05/25/2010 UFO_RenewEnergy_05-25-2010_508.pdf (32380 KB)     
Visual Resource Inventory Report 09/01/2009 Visual Resource Inventory Report.pdf (35806 KB)     
Wild and Scenic River Suitabililty Report 04/27/2012 WSR Suitability Report_Final_04272012.pdf (4119 KB)     
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Opinion 12/17/2018 UFO Proposed RMP Final EIS Biological Opinion 2018.pdf (537 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Dry Creek Travel Management Plan Amendment 12/01/2009  (4 Files)    
Uncompahgre Field Office Travel Management Plan Amendment 02/21/2010  (4 Files)    
Ridgway Comprehensive Travel Management Plan 05/10/2013  (4 Files)    
Norwood-Burn Canyon Travel Management Plan 11/14/2014  (3 Files)    

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
San Juan/San Miguel Planning Area RMP and Record of Decision 09/03/1985 SJSMRR.pdf (4631 KB)     
San Juan/San Miguel RMP Amendment: San Miguel River ACEC and SRMA 02/23/1993 San Miguel River RMP Amendment.pdf (3087 KB)     
Uncompahgre Basin RMP and Record of Decision 07/05/1989 UB RMP_ROD.pdf (4682 KB)     
Uncompahgre Basin RMP Amendment: Fire Management 06/30/1992 1992-0630 Fire Management UB RMP Amendment.pdf (1107 KB)     
Uncompahgre Basin RMP Amendment: Land Disposal Classifications 09/20/1994 1994-0920 UB RMP Amendment Land Disposal Categories.pdf (1242 KB)     
Colorado Oil and Gas Leasing Final EIS -1991 10/01/1991 Colorado Oil and Gas Leasing Final EIS - 1991.pdf (72666 KB)     
Colorado Oil and Gas Leasing Record of Decision - 1991 10/01/1991 Colorado Oil and Gas Leasing Record of Decision - 1991.pdf (3906 KB)     
Colorado Land Health Standards - 1997 07/01/1997 CO Land Health Standards 1997.pdf (45501 KB)