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How to get Involved 
Pursuant to BLM’s planning regulations at 43 CFR 1610.5-2, any person who participated in the planning process for this Proposed RMP and has an interest which is or may be adversely affected by the planning decisions may protest approval of the planning decisions contained therein. The Proposed RMP/FEIS will be open for a 30-day protest period, which will be triggered by publication of a Notice of Availability in the Federal Register.  
The regulations specify the required elements of your protest. Take care to document all relevant facts. As much as possible, reference or cite the planning documents or available planning records. Instructions for filing a protest with the Director of the BLM is online at https://www.blm.gov/programs/planning-and-nepa/public-participation/filing-a-plan-protest and at 43 CFR 1610.5-2.
To be valid, protests must be submitted either:
1) In writing and mailed to the appropriate Washington DC address, as set forth below, or
2) Electronically through the BLM ePlanning project website at

Protests submitted electronically by any means other than the ePlanning project website protest section will be invalid unless a protest is also submitted in hard copy. Protests submitted by fax will also be invalid unless also submitted either through ePlanning project website protest section or in hard copy. 

Where to submit Protests 
Protests must be submitted within 30 days from publichation of the Federal Register, which runs from February 14 - March 16, 2020. 

There are two ways to submit a protest.  Any protest submitted in writing must be mailed to one of the following addresses:
Regular Mail:                                                       Overnight Delivery:
Director (210)                                                       Director (210)
Attn: Protest Coordinator                                     Attn: Protest Coordinator
P.O. Box 71383                                                    20 M Street SE, Room 2134LM Washington, D.C. 20024-1383                                                                             
Washington, D.C. 20003

Any other protest (not in writing and mailed to the office) must be submitted through the Missoula RMP's ePlanning site:  https://go.usa.gov/xmyyG