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05/14/2019 12:21:28 MDT
How to get Involved 
The public will have 90 days to provide written comments starting on May 17,2019 and ending on August 15, 2019. 
The BLM is tasked with managing 163,000 acres of public lands in the public interest.  The feedback provided by the public during public envisioning (March 2016), public scoping (January 2017) and preliminary alternatives release (January 2018) helped the BLM refine the issues, alterntaives and effects.   We appreciate the opportunity to consider your input on the Draft Plan as well.  

How to comment
Start by reading the Executive Summary.  The executive summary will provide an overview of why the RMP is being revised, a summary of each alternatives, and the anticipated effects. Reviewing that informatino will also help direction your attention to key portion of the plan most important to you.  At this time, Alternative B is the preferred alternative. 

Identify the topic(s) that is most important to you. Explore this topic in more detail throughout the document.  

After reading about your topic, provide a substantive comment.  Substantive comments are most useful in the planning process because they:
- present new information relevant to the analysis;
- present reasonable alternatives other than those analyzed in the Draft Plan;
- make suggestions, with a reasoned basis, for the development of a proposed RMP;
- question, with a reasoned basis, the adequacy, methodology, or assumptions used for the analysis; or
- question, with a reasoned basis, the accuracy of information in the Draft RMP/EIS

Comments that are simply votes in support of or opposition to a particular alternative, or position statements in support of or opposition to particular BLM policies or proposals, without providing reasons, are less useful in the planning process. 

Where to submit comments
Comments are due by August 15, 2019.  If you'd like to submit comments:

Missoula RMP
3255 Fort Missoula Road
Missoula, MT 59804

Or to the Missoula RMP's ePlanning site:  https://go.usa.gov/xmyyG