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Public comment period on the Draft RMP occurred from May - August 2019.   Pursuant to BLM’s planning regulations at 43 CFR 1610.5-2, any person who participated in the planning process for the Proposed RMP and has an interest which is or may be adversely affected by the planning decisions may protest approval of the planning decisions contained therein. The Proposed RMP/Final EIS is open for a 30-day protest period starting on February 14, 2020.
Missoula RMP Revision Timeline
The following timeline illustrates projected planning milestones.   These dates are subject to change, please check back often for updates:

Public Envisioning (spring 2016)
Envisioning is a pre-scoping, public outreach aimed at listening and learning from the public what’s important about their public lands. The Public Envisioning Report is available on our website: (https://go.usa.gov/xmyyG).

Analysis of the Management Situation (summer 2016)
The AMS is a summary document that describes the biological, physical, social, and economic components of the environment that would be affected by the decisions made from the resource management plan revision. The Missoula RMP AMS is available on our website (https://go.usa.gov/xmyyG).

Public Scoping (winter 2017)
Scoping is the process by which the BLM formally solicits input on issues, preliminary purpose and need, potential impacts, and potential alternatives that will be addressed in the EIS as well as the extent to which those issues will be analyzed. Publishing the Federal Register Notice of Intent on December 12 triggered the 60-day scoping period.  The BLM received 194 comments of which 90 were form letters. The BLM held open houses in Greenough, Helmville, Missoula, and Philipsburg.  Approximately 90 people attended open houses. The Public Scoping Report is available on our website: (https://go.usa.gov/xmyyG).

Preliminary Alternatives (winter-spring 2018)
Preliminary alternatives are high-level management allocations and concepts aimed at addressing issues and concerns expressed by the public, cooperating agencies, and local and tribal governments.  The BLM will use these preliminary alternatives to craft more detailed, comprehensive alternatives in the draft EIS.

Draft Plan/EIS (May 2019)
Publication of the draft RMP and EIS initiates the formal comment period required during all EIS-level planning efforts under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).   Members of the public, agencies, and Tribes are invited to provide comments on detailed alternatives and effects analysis.   Public comments are available on our website: (https://go.usa.gov/xmyyG).

Final Plan/EIS (February 2020)
The 30-day protest period begins upon release of the final RMP and EIS.  Protest procedures will be initiated in accordance with the BLM’s proposed planning rule (currently in draft). A 60-day Governor’s consistency review will occur during this time period. Final revisions will be made based on the feedback received from these two processes. 

Record of Decision (July 2020)
The record of decision is expected to be published in the summer of 2020.