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Please note that the operator of the NPL project has changed from Encana Oil & Gas, Inc. to Jonah Energy LLC. Some of these older documents may be referring to Encana. When Jonah Energy acquired Encana's interest, they adopted all of the original proposal.
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
NOI 04/12/2011 noi.pdf (152 KB)     
Project Description 05/02/2011 description.pdf (23 KB)     
Final Scoping Report 06/01/2011 FinalScopingReport.pdf (17072 KB)     
Scoping Comments - Letters/Documents 06/01/2011  (151 Files)    

Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Draft Environmental Impact Statement 07/07/2017 NPL_DEIS_July2017web.pdf (15289 KB)     
Appendices A thru I 07/07/2017 AppendicesA-I.pdf (23202 KB)     
Appendices J thru N 07/07/2017 AppendicesJ-N.pdf (41087 KB)     
Appendix O - Biological Opinion 07/07/2017 NPL_Draft EIS_Appendix O_Biological Opinion.pdf (30837 KB)     
Maps 1 thru 15 07/07/2017  (15 Files)    
Maps 16 thru 35 07/07/2017  (20 Files)    
Maps 36 thru 48 07/07/2017  (22 Files)    
DEIS Comment Index 09/08/2017 NPL_DEIS_Comment Document Index_2017_0906.pdf (13 KB)     
Comment Letters 10001-10074 08/28/2017 Part1.zip (81549 KB)     
Comment Letters 10075-10182 08/28/2017 Part2.zip (57281 KB)     
Comment Letters 10183-10223 09/08/2017 Part3(1).zip (65413 KB)     

Final Environmental Impact Statement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Executive Summary Normally Pressured Lance Final EIS 06/22/2018 Executive Summary Normally Pressured Lance Final EIS (741 KB)     
Chapters 1 - 3 06/22/2018 Normally Pressured Lance Chapters 1-3.pdf (8228 KB)     
Chapters 4-7 06/22/2018 Normally Pressured Lance Chapters 4-7.pdf (9184 KB)     
Appendix A: Scoping Issues 06/22/2018 Appendix A: Scoping Issues (537 KB)     
Appendix B: Resource Protection Measures 06/22/2018 Appendix B: Resource Protection Measures (1207 KB)     
Appendix C: Reclamation Plan 06/22/2018 Appendix C: Reclamation Plan (305 KB)     
Appendix D: Disturbance Worksheets 06/22/2018 Appendix D: Disturbance Worksheets (2101 KB)     
Appendix E: Transportation Plan 06/22/2018 Appendix E: Transportation Plan (1263 KB)     
Appendix F: Hazardous Materials Management 06/22/2018 Appendix F: Hazardous Materials Management (764 KB)     
Appendix G: Noise Technical Report 06/22/2018 Appendix G: Noise Technical Report (6346 KB)     
Appendix H: Economic Modeling Report 06/22/2018 Appendix H: Economic Modeling Report (644 KB)     
Appendix I: Soil Resource Support Tables 06/22/2018 Appendix I: Soil Resource Support Tables (961 KB)     
Appendix J: AGWA Report 06/22/2018 Appendix J: AGWA Report (4937 KB)     
Appendix K: Water Resource Appendix 06/22/2018 Appendix K: Water Resource Appendix (10252 KB)     
Appendix L: Air Quality Technical Support Document 06/22/2018  (5 Files)    
Appendix M: Conformity Determination 06/22/2018  Appendix M: Conformity Determination (6804 KB)     
Appendix N: Mitigation Determination 06/22/2018 Appendix N: Mitigation Determination (1868 KB)     
Appendix O: Biological Opinion 06/22/2018 Appendix O: Biological Opinion (30820 KB)     
Appendix P: DEIS Comment Responses 06/22/2018 Appendix P: DEIS Comment Responses (1333 KB)     
Maps 06/22/2018  (57 Files)    
Comments Received on Final EIS 08/09/2018  (10 Files)    

Record of Decision
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Record of Decision 08/27/2018 NPL_Record of Decision_2018_0827.pdf (18634 KB)