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Draft RMP/EIS Available for Public Comment
On October 5, 2018the Bureau of Land Management announced the release of the Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the San Juan Islands National Monument (Monument).  The public comment period will close on January 3, 2019.  This planning process will determine the long-term management of the San Juan Islands National Monument, which encompasses approximately 1,000 acres of BLM-administered lands in the San Juan Islands.  The Draft RMP/EIS and its appendices are available below. 

Information about public meetings associated with the public comment period can be found on the meeting page linked on the menu bar.  

The BLM has created a video, along with the public outreach materials offered below, to assist the public in commenting on the Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement.

When commenting on the Draft RMP/EIS, keep in mind that the elements of the alternative management approaches presented in Chapter 2 are seperable.  In other words, the proposed--and eventually the approved--RMP could include elements from more than one alternative.  As stated on page 7 of the Draft RMP/EIS: "The Proposed RMP may be a modification of the design of Alternative B, a modification of the design of a different alternative analyzed in the Draft RMP/EIS, a new alternative from within the spectrum of alternatives considered in the Draft RMP/EIS, or an alternative analyzed in the Draft RMP/EIS as written." 

Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
San Juan Islands National Monument Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 10/05/2018 20181005_SJINM_DEIS.pdf (5844 KB)     

Draft RMP/EIS Appendices
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Appendix A: Alternatives and Issues Considered but Not Analyzed in Detail 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppA_and_Cover.pdf (5581 KB)     
Appendix B: Analytical Methods 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppB_Analytical_Methods.pdf (704 KB)     
Appendix C: ACEC Determinations 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppC_ACEC_Determinations.pdf (381 KB)     
Appendix D: Existing ACEC Direction 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppD_Existing_ACEC_Direction.pdf (132 KB)     
Appendix E: Background Information 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppE_Background_Information.pdf (1780 KB)     
Appendix F: Best Management Practices 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppF_Best_Management_Practices.pdf (403 KB)     
Appendix G: Acronyms and Glossary 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppG_Acronyms_and_Glossary.pdf (336 KB)     
Appendix H: Draft Travel and Transportation Plan 10/05/2018 SJINM_RMP_EIS__Appendix_H_Draft_Travel_Transportation.pdf (76707 KB)     
Appendix I: Existing BLM Supplementary Rules 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppI_Supplementary Rules.pdf (214 KB)     
Appendix J: Implementation level plans administrative actions 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppJ_Implementation_level_plans_administrative_actions.pdf (134 KB)     
Appendix K: Laws and Regulations 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppK_Laws_and_Regulations.pdf (286 KB)     
Appendix L: Planning Issues and Criteria 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppL_Planning_Issues_and_Criteria.pdf (227 KB)     
Appendix M: Preparers of the Draft RMP/EIS 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppM_Preparers.pdf (116 KB)     
Appendix N: Presidential Proclamation 8947 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppN_Proclamation.pdf (100 KB)     
Appendix O: Recreation Area Management Frameworks 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppO_RMA_Frameworks_3.pdf (2483 KB)     
Appendix P: References 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppP_References.pdf (607 KB)     
Appendix Q: Summary of Tiered and Incorporated by Reference Herbicide Analysis 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppQ_Summary_Tiered_Incorporated_by_Reference.pdf (383 KB)     
Appendix R: Table of Monument Objects Identified in Proclamation 8947 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppR_Table_of_Monument_Objects.pdf (143 KB)     
Appendix S: Tables Summarizing Differences in Alternatives 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppS_Summary_Tables_of_Differences_in_Alternatives.pdf (325 KB)     
Appendix T: Timeline and Planning Process 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppT_Planning_Process_and_Timeline.pdf (199 KB)     
Appendix U: Wildlife Life Histories 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppU_Wildlife_Life_Histories.pdf (323 KB)     
Appendix V: Wildlife List and Habitat Associations 10/05/2018 20181005_DEIS_AppV_Wildlife_List_and_Back_Cover.pdf (1669 KB)     

Outreach Documents for Draft RMP/EIS Public Comment Period
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Planning Process Primer and Guidebook 10/05/2018 Planning Process Primer and Guidebook (2717 KB)     
Instruction Manual for Commenting 10/05/2018 Instruction Manual for Commenting (1475 KB)     
General Comment Form 10/05/2018 General Comment Form (123 KB)     
Cultural Resources Comment Form 10/05/2018 Cultural Resources Comment Form (162 KB)     
Habitat and Plants Comment Form 10/05/2018 Habitat and Plants Comment Form (194 KB)     
Cape Saint Mary Comment Form 10/05/2018 Cape Saint Mary Comment Form (243 KB)     
Carter Point Comment Form 10/05/2018 Carter Point Comment Form (247 KB)     
Category A Rocks Comment Form 10/05/2018 Category A Rocks Comment Form (285 KB)     
Category B Rocks Comment Form 10/05/2018 Category B Rocks Comment Form (295 KB)     
Cattle Point Comment Form 10/05/2018 Cattle Point Comment Form (228 KB)     
Chadwick Hill Comment Form 10/05/2018 Chadwick Hill Comment Form (242 KB)     
Eliza Point Comment Form 10/05/2018 Eliza Point Comment Form (242 KB)     
Iceberg Point Comment Form 10/05/2018 Iceberg Point Comment Form (243 KB)     
Islands Comment Form 10/05/2018 Islands Comment Form (334 KB)     
Kellett Bluff Comment Form 10/05/2018 Kellett Bluff Comment Form (251 KB)     
Lopez Pass Comment Form 10/05/2018 Lopez Pass Comment Form (251 KB)     
Patos Island Comment Form 10/05/2018 Patos Island Comment Form (248 KB)     
Point Colville Comment Form 10/05/2018 Point Colville Comment Form (253 KB)     
President Channel Comment Form 10/05/2018 President Channel Comment Form (250 KB)     
Turn Point Comment Form 10/05/2018 Turn Point Comment Form (254 KB)     
Watmough Bay Comment Form 10/05/2018 Watmough Bay Comment Form (252 KB)     

Analysis of the Management Situation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Analysis of the Management Situation 05/26/2016 FINAL AMS.pdf (1928 KB)     

Human Use Input Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Report on Human Use Input for the SJINM 11/10/2016 SJINM RMP Human Use Input Report.pdf (9079 KB)     
SJINM RMP Human Use Input Report Supplement 11/10/2016 SJINM RMP Human Use Input Report Supplement.pdf (981 KB)     

Scoping Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Report Supplement 08/29/2015 Published Scoping Report Supplement.pdf (20268 KB)     
Scoping Report 08/28/2015 Published Scoping Report.pdf (2057 KB)     
Notice of Intent 07/08/2015 Federal Register.2015-04289.pdf (191 KB)     
Presidential Proclamation 07/08/2015 sanjuan-proclamation.pdf (17 KB)     
1990 Decision Record for Areas of Critical Environmental Concern 11/14/2018 Iceberg_Colville_ACEC_DR-EA (1).pdf (550 KB)     

Fact Sheets
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Fact Sheet: Lands with Wilderness Characteristics 07/08/2015 wilderness.pdf (272 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Visual Resource Management 07/08/2015 visual.pdf (283 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Cultural Resources 07/08/2015 cultural.pdf (274 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Forest and Woodlands 07/08/2015 forests.pdf (336 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Recreation 07/08/2015 recreation.pdf (284 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Transportation and Travel Management 07/08/2015 transport.pdf (306 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Weeds and Invasives 07/08/2015 weeds.pdf (318 KB)     
Fact Sheet: Wildlife and Habitat 07/08/2015 wildlife.pdf (369 KB)