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Project Documents

The Gateway West final supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS) analyzes the effects of the proposal to build portions of the Gateway West electric transmission line on public lands in south-central and southwest Idaho.  It considers seven pairs of possible route alignments for Segments 8 and 9 of the project, which would each span more than 125 miles between Cedar Hill and Midpoint substations in south-central Idaho and the Hemingway substation in western Owyhee County, and identified Alternative 5 as the Agency Preferred Alternative.  The Final SEIS also identifies the land use plan amendments associated with each action alternative, including the Preferred Alternative.  The Final SEIS explores avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures that would be required under each alternative, and presents a framework for compensatory mitigation in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (NCA).  Analysis in the SEIS incorporates by reference portions of the 2013 Final EIS that relate to Segments 8 and 9. 

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The January 2017 ROD for the project, which is presented below, has been remanded for reconsideration.  The BLM is preparing an environmental assessment (EA) to support reconsideration. 

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Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Record of Decision - Without appendices 01/19/2017 GWW Segments 8 and 9 FINAL ROD without appendices.pdf (1391 KB)     
Record of Decision - With All Appendices 01/19/2017 ROD_Gateway West Segments 8 and 9_2017_Full.pdf (23479 KB)     
Record of Decision - Minus Appendix B 01/19/2017 ROD_Gateway West Segments 8 and 9_2017_minus Appendix B.pdf (15151 KB)     
Appendix B: Project Plan of Development - Record of Decision 01/19/2017 Appendix B ROD_2017_Gateway West - Project Plan of Development.pdf (18831 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
DSEIS Erratum 03/21/2016 GW-DSEIS_erratum- (18 KB)     
Readers Guide 03/08/2016 _.02_Readers Guide.pdf (66 KB)     
Dear Reader letter 03/08/2016 _.01_Dear Reader_Gateway West DSEIS.pdf (84 KB)     
Main Text Draft SEIS 03/08/2016 Main Text_Gateway West Draft SEIS.pdf (15950 KB)     
Front Matter 03/08/2016 0.0_Front_Matter_SEIS.pdf (4888 KB)     
Purpose and Need 03/08/2016 1.0_Purpose_and_Need_SEIS.pdf (1446 KB)     
Alternatives 03/08/2016 2.0_Alternatives_SEIS.pdf (2171 KB)     
Affected Environment 03/08/2016 3.0_Affected_Environment_SEIS.pdf (5344 KB)     
Cumulative Effects 03/08/2016 4.0_Cumulative_Effects_SEIS.pdf (368 KB)     
Consultation and Collaboration 03/08/2016 5.0_Consultation_Collaboration_SEIS.pdf (161 KB)     
Glossary 03/08/2016 6.0_Glossary_Index_SEIS.pdf (188 KB)     
Literature Cited 03/08/2016 7.0_Literature_Cited_SEIS.pdf (127 KB)     
Appendix A Project Mps 03/08/2016 Appendix A_Project Maps_DSEIS.pdf (7687 KB)     
Appendix B POD Supplement 03/08/2016 Appendix B_POD Supplement_DSEIS.pdf (7281 KB)     
Appendix C Proponents MEP 03/08/2016 Appendix C_Proponents MEP_DSEIS.pdf (13094 KB)     
Appendix D Large Format Maps 03/08/2016 Appendix D_Large Format Tables_Draft SEIS.pdf (2294 KB)     
Appendix E Large Format Figures 03/08/2016 Appendix E_Large Format Figures_DSEIS.pdf (43593 KB)     
Appendix F BLM Plan Amendments 03/08/2016 Appendix F_BLM Plan Amendments_DSEIS.pdf (5001 KB)     
Appendix G Visual Amemdment Analysis 03/08/2016 Appendix G_Visual Amendment Analysis_DSEIS.pdf (34450 KB)     
Appendix H Resource Advisory Council Report 03/08/2016 Appendix H_Resource Advisory Council Report_DSEIS.pdf (476 KB)     
Appendix I SEIS Scoping Report 03/08/2016 Appendix I_SEIS Scoping Report_DSEIS.pdf (4360 KB)     
Appendix J Gateway West Draft SEIS 1 of 3 03/08/2016 Appendix J_1of3_Gateway West Draft SEIS.pdf (47052 KB)     
Appendix J Gateway West Draft SEIS 2 of 3 03/08/2016 Appendix J_2of3_Gateway West Draft SEIS.pdf (43814 KB)     
Appendix J Gateway West Draft SEIS 3 of 3 03/08/2016 Appendix J_3of3_Gateway West Draft SEIS.pdf (42352 KB)     
Appendix K Conceptual Mitigation Model 03/08/2016 Appendix K_Conceptual Mitigation Model_DSEIS.pdf (264 KB)     

1. SEIS Figures
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
A-1 Projecdt Overview 03/08/2016 FIG A-1 Project Overview.pdf (1342 KB)     
A-2 Alternative 1 03/08/2016 FIG A-2 Alternative 1.pdf (1377 KB)     
A-3 Alternative 2 03/08/2016 FIG A-3 Alternative 2.pdf (1385 KB)     
A-4 Alternative 3 03/08/2016 FIG A-4 Alternative 3.pdf (1389 KB)     
A-5 Alternative 4 03/08/2016 FIG A-5 Alternative 4.pdf (1393 KB)     
A-7 Alternative 6 03/08/2016 FIG A-7 Alternative 6.pdf (1383 KB)     
A-6 Alternative 5 03/08/2016 FIG A-6 Alternative 5.pdf (1387 KB)     
A-8 Alternative 7 03/08/2016 FIG A-8 Alternative 7.pdf (1389 KB)     
E.1-1 kop c132 03/08/2016 FIG E.1-1_kop c132.pdf (1066 KB)     
E.1-2 kop c133 03/08/2016 FIG E.1-2_kop c133.pdf (1173 KB)     
E.1-3 kop c137 03/08/2016 FIG E.1-3_kop c137.pdf (1085 KB)     
E.1-4 kop c139 03/08/2016 FIG E.1-4_kop c139.pdf (1131 KB)     
E.10-1 GAP Habitat 03/08/2016 FIG E.10-1 GAP Habitat.pdf (2780 KB)     
E.10-2 Big Game Ranges 03/08/2016 FIG E.10-2 Big Game Ranges.pdf (886 KB)     
E.10-3 Raptor Roosts and Nests 03/08/2016 FIG E.10-3 Raptor Roosts and Nests.pdf (673 KB)     
E.11-1 Sage Grouse Habitat 03/08/2016 FIG E.11-1 Sage-grouse Habitat.pdf (1300 KB)     
E.2-1 Visual KOP Locations Segment 8 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-1 Visual KOP Locations_Segment 8.pdf (1216 KB)     
E.2-10 kop 1155 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-10_KOP_1155.pdf (1242 KB)     
E.2-11 kop 1156 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-11_KOP_1156.pdf (1318 KB)     
E.2-12 kop 1213 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-12_KOP_1213.pdf (1537 KB)     
E.2-13 kop 1222 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-13_KOP_1222.pdf (1994 KB)     
E.3-14 kop 1337 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-14_KOP_1337.pdf (1612 KB)     
E.2-15 kop 1570 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-15_KOP_1570.pdf (1404 KB)     
E.2-16 kop 1572 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-16_KOP_1572.pdf (1751 KB)     
E.2-2 Visual KOP Locations Segment 9 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-2 Visual KOP Locations_Segment 9.pdf (1216 KB)     
E.2-3 kop 372 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-3_KOP_372.pdf (1408 KB)     
E.2-4 kop 386 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-4_KOP_386.pdf (1605 KB)     
E.2-5 kop 586 03/08/2016 FIG E.2-5_KOP_586.pdf (1497 KB)     
E.24-1 Existing and Proposed Transmission 03/08/2016 FIG E.24-1 Existing and Proposed Transmission.pdf (992 KB)     
E.24-5 Existing Power Generation 03/08/2016 FIG E.24-2 Existing Power Generation.pdf (948 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
_.01_Dear Reader_Gateway West FSEIS 10/05/2016 _.01_Dear Reader_Gateway West FSEIS.pdf (250 KB)     
_.02_Readers Guide_FSEIS 10/05/2016 _.02_Readers Guide_FSEIS.pdf (177 KB)     
Main Text_Gateway West Final SEIS 10/05/2016 Main Text_Gateway West Final SEIS.pdf (15869 KB)     
0.0_Front_Matter_FSEIS 10/05/2016 0.0_Front_Matter_FSEIS.pdf (3500 KB)     
1.0_Purpose_and_Need_FSEIS 10/05/2016 1.0_Purpose_and_Need_FSEIS.pdf (1502 KB)     
2.0_Alternatives_FSEIS 10/05/2016 2.0_Alternatives_FSEIS.pdf (3183 KB)     
3.0_Affected Environment_Environment Consequences_FSEIS 10/05/2016 3.0_Affected Environment_Environment Consequences_FSEIS.pdf (6812 KB)     
4.0_Cumulative_Effects_FSEIS 10/05/2016 4.0_Cumulative_Effects_FSEIS.pdf (388 KB)     
5.0_Consultation_Collaboration_FSEIS 10/05/2016 5.0_Consultation_Collaboration_FSEIS.pdf (184 KB)     
6.0_Glossary_Index_FSEIS 10/05/2016 6.0_Glossary_Index_FSEIS.pdf (249 KB)     
7.0_Literature_Cited_FSEIS 10/05/2016 7.0_Literature_Cited_FSEIS.pdf (145 KB)     
Appendix A_Project Maps_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix A_Project Maps_FSEIS.pdf (11186 KB)     
Appendix B_Supplement POD and Helicopter Construction_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix B_Supplement POD and Helicopter Construction_FSEIS.pdf (7856 KB)     
Appendix C_Proponents MEP_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix C_Proponents MEP_FSEIS.pdf (11566 KB)     
Appendix D_Large Format Tables_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix D_Large Format Tables_FSEIS.pdf (1769 KB)     
Appendix E_PART 1 of 2_Large Format Figures_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix E_PART 1 of 2_Large Format Figures_FSEIS.pdf (30852 KB)     
Appendix E_PART 2 of 2_Large Format Figures_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix E_PART 2 of 2_Large Format Figures_FSEIS.pdf (33323 KB)     
Appendix F_BLM Plan Amendments_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix F_BLM Plan Amendments_FSEIS.pdf (2083 KB)     
Appendix G_Visual Amendment Analysis_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix G_Visual Amendment Analysis_FSEIS.pdf (34855 KB)     
Appendix H_RAC Reports_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix H_RAC Reports_FSEIS.pdf (1476 KB)     
Appendix I_SEIS Scoping Report_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix I_SEIS Scoping Report_FSEIS.pdf (4331 KB)     
Appendix J_PART 1 of 3_BLM Manual 6280 Study_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix J_PART 1 of 3_BLM Manual 6280 Study_FSEIS.pdf (41756 KB)     
Appendix J_PART 2 of 3_BLM Manual 6280 Study_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix J_PART 2 of 3_BLM Manual 6280 Study_FSEIS.pdf (50420 KB)     
Appendix J_PART 3 of 3_BLM Manual 6280 Study_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix J_PART 3 of 3_BLM Manual 6280 Study_FSEIS.pdf (35914 KB)     
Appendix K_SRBOP_Compensatory_Mitigation_Framework_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix K_SRBOP_Compensatory_Mitigation_Framework_FSEIS.pdf (451 KB)     
Appendix L_Responses to Comments_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix L_Responses to Comments_FSEIS.pdf (1831 KB)     
Appendix M_EPMs_FSEIS 10/05/2016 Appendix M_EPMs_FSEIS.pdf (545 KB)     
2016_0929_GatewayWest_newsletter_Final_WEB 10/05/2016 2016_0929_GatewayWest_newsletter_Final_WEB.pdf (3626 KB)     
GW_FSEIS_ReadingRoomLocations 10/05/2016 GW_FSEIS_ReadingRoomLocations.pdf (169 KB)     
Protest-checklist 10/05/2016 Protest-checklist.pdf (113 KB)     

Applicant Proposal
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
SF 299 Application 10/03/2014 1_SF 299_Application.pdf (286 KB)     
Revised POD for Segments 8 and 9 10/03/2014 2_Revised POD for Segments 8 and 9.pdf (18444 KB)     
Baja Road POD Addendum 10/03/2014 3_Baja Road POD Addendum.pdf (537 KB)     
BOPNCA MEP 10/03/2014 4_BOPNCA_MEP_07AUG2014.pdf (11541 KB)     

Scoping Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
RAC Subcommittee MEP Review Final Report 10/03/2014 2_Gateway West RAC Subcommittee MEP Review Final Report 20140530.pdf (204 KB)     
Gateway West BLM RAC Subcommittee Route Options Final Report_20140530 10/03/2014 Gateway West BLM RAC Subcommittee Route Options Final Report_20140530.pdf (17195 KB)     
Scoping Report 2015 Final 05/22/2015 GWWScopingReport_2015_final.pdf (4239 KB)     
Why Are We Here 10/03/2014 1_WhyAreWeHere.pdf (370 KB)     
Project Map Aug 2014 Applicant Proposed 10/03/2014 2_Project Map_Aug2014_applicant-proposed.pdf (1367 KB)     
Project Map Segment 8 RAC Options 10/03/2014 2_Project Map_segment 8_RAC-options.pdf (1379 KB)     
Project Map Segment 9 RAC Options 10/03/2014 2_Project Map_segment 9_RAC-options.pdf (1386 KB)     
Project Map Trails Report 10/03/2014 2_Project Map_trails-report.pdf (1083 KB)     
NCA Legislation Excerpt 10/03/2014 5_NCA-legislation_excerpt.pdf (138 KB)     
Project Map FEIS Segment 8 Previous 10/06/2014 Project Map FEIS Segment 8 Previous.pdf (2287 KB)     
Project Map FEIS Segment 8 10/06/2014 Project Map FEIS Segment 8.pdf (3351 KB)     
Project Map FEIS Segment 9 Previous 10/06/2014 Project Map FEIS Segment 9 Previous.pdf (1971 KB)     
Project Map FEIS SEgment 9 10/06/2014 Project Map FEIS Segment 9.pdf (3293 KB)     
Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Areas idaho 10/06/2014 Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Areas Idaho.pdf (753 KB)     
Known Raptor Nests and Roosts Idaho 10/06/2014 Known Raptor Nests and Roosts Idaho.pdf (718 KB)