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 In November 2013, Noble Energy, Inc. (Noble) submitted to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) a Master Surface Use Plan of Operations (MSUPO) for the proposed Huntington Valley Oil and Gas Exploration Project. The MSUPO was updated in January 2014 and in May 2014. The Project Area is located in Elko County approximately 21 miles south of the City of Elko. The Proposed Action is for a maximum of 20 wells on a maximum of 20 well pads including construction, drilling, completion, production/operation, and abandonment. Noble has identified 39 potential well pad locations within the Project Area; however, no more than 20 well pad locations would be constructed periodically over 2 years with a maximum of 5 years. The drill pads are on lands having public ownership of surface and minerals and split estate lands with public surface ownership and private mineral ownership. Within the Project Area, existing roads would be used, some roads would require upgrading, and new local and resource roads would be required to access the well pads and the gravel pits that would provide gravel for access road and well pad construction. The area is within a high potential oil and gas area in Elko County, Nevada. 

Based on the review of the environmental assessment (DOI-BLM-NV-E020-2014-0003-EA), it has been determined by the field office manager for the Tuscarora District on 7-16-2014 that the proposed action will not significantly affect the quality of the human environment. Therefore, preparation of an environmental impact statement is not required prior to BLM approval of the project. This finding is based on  consideration of the Council on Environmental Quality's criteria for significance (40 CFR 1508.27) with regard to the context and the intensity of impacts, as discussed in the EA.

Refer to the "Documents" link to review the Finding of No Significant Impact FONSI for this EA and the full Decision Record (DR), and also to review the Public Comments Received and subsequent BLM Responses released.     

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