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Final Environmental Assessment (EA) Documents
Please see Final EA documents below.
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Environmental Assessment
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Toy Mountain Group 3 Environmental Assessment 10/25/2013 DraftEA_Group3_20131022.pdf (6789 KB)     
Toy Mountain Group 3 EA Appendices 10/25/2013 Group 3 Draft EA Appendices_reduced.pdf (7155 KB)     

Final Environmental Assessment
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Toy Mountain Group Final Environmental Assessment 11/26/2013 Group 3 Final EA.pdf (6886 KB)     
Toy Mountain Group Final Environmental Assessment Appendices 11/26/2013 Group 3 Final EA Appendices.pdf (7708 KB)     
Toy Mountain Group EA Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) 11/26/2013 Group 3 Final EA FONSI.pdf (2848 KB)     

Final Grazing Decisions
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Alder Creek Final Decision 12/30/2013 Alder_Ck_Thomas_Final_Decision.pdf (652 KB)     
Box T Final Decision 12/30/2013 BoxT_Thomas_Final_Decision.pdf (819 KB)     
Browns Creek Final Decision 12/30/2013 Browns Creek Final Decision.pdf (794 KB)     
Garrett FFR Final Decision 12/30/2013 GarrettFFR_FinalDecision.pdf (819 KB)     
Hart Creek Final Decision 12/30/2013 Hart_Creek_Thomas_Final_Decision.pdf (890 KB)     
Josephine FFR and Lone Tree Final Decision 12/30/2013 Josephine FFR Lone Tree Final Decision.pdf (1118 KB)     
Louisa Creek and Steiner FFR Final Decision 12/30/2013 Louisa_Steiner_Final_Decision.pdf (1338 KB)     
Meadow Creek FFR Final Decision 12/30/2013 MeadowCreekFFR_Thomas_Final_Decision.pdf (617 KB)     
Munro Final Decision 12/30/2013 MunroAllotment_Final_Decision.pdf (657 KB)     
Toy Allotment Final Decision 12/30/2013 ToyAllotment_FinalDecision.pdf (829 KB)     
West Castle Final Decision 12/30/2013 WestCastleAllotment_FinalDecision.pdf (763 KB)     
Whitehorse Antelope Final Decision 12/30/2013 WhitehorseAntelope_FinalDecision.pdf (917 KB)     
RedHillFFRAllotment_FinalDecision 04/04/2014 RedHillFFRAllotment_FinalDecision.pdf (2963 KB)     
MooreFFRAllotment_FinalDecision 04/04/2014 MooreFFRAllotment_FinalDecision.pdf (826 KB)     
FossilCreek_PickettCreek_FinalDecision 04/04/2014 FossilCreek_PickettCreek_FinalDecision.pdf (5692 KB)     

Proposed Decisions
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Alder Creek Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Alder Creek Proposed Decision.pdf (2639 KB)     
Box T Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Box T Proposed Decision.pdf (3174 KB)     
Browns Creek Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Browns Creek Proposed Decision.pdf (3009 KB)     
Garrett FFR Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Garrett FFR Proposed Decision.pdf (2952 KB)     
Hart Creek Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Hart Creek Proposed Decision.pdf (3257 KB)     
Josephine FFR and Lone Tree Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Josephine FFR and Lone Tree Proposed Decision.pdf (3419 KB)     
Louisa Creek and Steiner FFR Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Louisa Creek and Steiner FFR Proposed Decision.pdf (3687 KB)     
Meadow Creek FFR Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Meadow Creek FFR Proposed Decision.pdf (2969 KB)     
Munro Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Munro Proposed Decision.pdf (2710 KB)     
Toy Allotment Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 Toy Allotment Proposed Decision.pdf (2999 KB)     
West Castle Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 West Castle Proposed Decision.pdf (2666 KB)     
WhitehorseAntelope Proposed Decision 11/26/2013 WhitehorseAntelope Proposed Decision.pdf (2811 KB)     
FossilCreek_PickettCreek_ProposedDecision_20131210 01/24/2014 FossilCreek_PickettCreek_ProposedDecision_20131210.pdf (4524 KB)     
MooreFFRAllotment_ProposedDecision_20131126 01/24/2014 MooreFFRAllotment_ProposedDecision_20131126.pdf (2598 KB)     
RedHillFFRAllotment_ProposedDecision_20131126 01/24/2014 RedHillFFRAllotment_ProposedDecision_20131126.pdf (3478 KB)     

Rangeland Health Assessments
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Toy Mountain Group 3 Overview Map 10/25/2013 GEN1_Group3_Overview.pdf (29500 KB)     
BoonePeak_RedMtn_BridgeCk_Quicksilver_Stahle_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 BoonePeak_RedMtn_BridgeCk_Quicksilver_Stahle_2013SupplementedRHA.pdf (10066 KB)     
JosephineCreekFFR_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 JosephineCreekFFR_2013SupplementedDoc.pdf (4131 KB)     
MooreFFR_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 MooreFFR_2013SupplementedDoc.pdf (4216 KB)     
MunroFFR_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 MunroFFR_2013SupplementedDoc.pdf (4456 KB)     
SteinerFFR_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 SteinerFFR_2013SupplementedDoc.pdf (4276 KB)     
Browns_Toy_WCastle_Antelope_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 Browns_Toy_WCastle_Antelope_2013SupplementedRHA.pdf (13792 KB)     
GarrettFFR_2013SupplementedDoc 10/25/2013 GarrettFFR_2013SupplementedDoc.pdf (5046 KB)     
HartCreek_BoxT_AlderCreek_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 HartCreek_BoxT_AlderCreek_2013SupplementedRHA.pdf (11379 KB)     
LoneTree_Louisa_assessment_Amended2013_Errata 10/25/2013 LoneTree_Louisa_assessment_Amended2013_Errata.pdf (7070 KB)     
MeadowCreek_2013SupplementedRHA 10/25/2013 MeadowCreek_2013SupplementedRHA.pdf (4510 KB)