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09/11/2015 16:20:18 MDT
Jarbidge ROD/ARMP

The Idaho BLM Director signed the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Approved Jarbidge Resource Management Plan (ARMP) on September 2, 2015. This plan guides management of the 1.371 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-administered lands in south-central Idaho and northern Nevada. These lands are within the BLM Twin Falls District in Elmore, Owyhee, and Twin Falls Counties in Idaho and Elko County in Nevada.

The Record of Decision (ROD) and Approved RMP have been prepared in accordance with the Federal Land Policy Management Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. The ROD finalizes the proposed decisions presented in the Jarbidge Proposed RMP/Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) that was released in August 22, 2014 and subject to a 30-day protest period that ended September 22, 2014. Eight protest letters were received and reviewed by the BLM Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning in Washington, D.C. After careful consideration of all points raised in the protest letters, the BLM Assistant Director denied all protests and concluded that the planning team and responsible decision makers followed all applicable laws, regulations, policies, and pertinent resource considerations in developing the Proposed RMP/FEIS. The protest review did not result in any significant changes to the Approved RMP. Minor modifications or points of clarification incorporated into the RMP in response to issues raised during the protest process and final BLM review are discussed in the ROD under the sections entitled Modifications and Clarifications.

The ROD serves as the final decision for the land-use planning decisions described in the attached Approved RMP. Now that the ROD is signed, we look forward to your assistance and participation as we implement the decisions contained in this Approved RMP.

We greatly appreciate all who contributed to the completion of this Approved RMP, including other Federal agencies and Tribal, State, and local governments. We also appreciate the extensive public involvement during this time by groups, organizations, and individuals. Public input informed and improved the planning documents and we hope you will continue to work with us as we implement the decisions in this RMP.