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Preliminary Planning Issues

The BLM has identified the following preliminary issues in the BSWI Preparation Plan, available using the "Documents and Reports" link at left. These issues will be refined during the Public Scoping Period. The public may also identify additional planning issues during scoping.

Issue 1: How will BLM manage uses and activities in the Planning area?

There are three primary categories of human activity occurring in the Planning area: subsistence use, special recreation permitting, and mineral development.

Subsistence Resource Use: How to best manage land and resource use without reducing the availability of subsistence resources or restricting subsistence user access

Special Recreation Permitting: How to best avoid or reduce conflicts between sport and recreational use of resources and subsistence use of the same resource

Mineral Development: How to manage increasing demand for mineral development, determine areas that could be made available for leasing or closed to mineral entry, and how to ensure the least adverse impact possible upon the land, resources and environment.


Issue 2: How will BLM protect and conserve lands within the Planning Area that have special or unique features or resource values?

The Planning Area includes portions of two National Landscape Conservation System units: the Iditarod National Historic Trail and the Unalakleet Wild and Scenic River. Additional river segments may be considered for inclusion during the planning process.

Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) designations will also be considered during the planning effort and nominations accepted during scoping.


Issue 3: How will BLM manage land and resources in the Planning Area?

This issue includes soil, air and water, vegetation, forestry, fish and wildlife, Special Status Species, cultural resources, recreation and visitor services, travel management, Lands with Wilderness Characteristics, leasable and locatable minerals, renewable energy, lands and realty uses, wildland fire management, climate change and more.