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What type of broadcast prescribed burning is included in this Project?

There is no broadcast prescribed burning in this Project.  Pile burning, normally carried out in mid-winter, would be used to remove some of the residual slash after treatment.

What is the timeframe for this Project?

On April 29, 2014 the BLM approved this Project (see Documents).  Implementation, which is based on availability of funding, may begin fall 2014.

If funding is available, the BLM estimates that approximately 2,000 acres each year would be treated. This represents approximately six percent of the planning area.  Depending on the availability of funding, approximately 0.7 percent of the planning area would be treated each year.

What were the impacts to this Project from the Bison Fire?

Approximately 2,000 acres were removed from the Project because they were burned as a part of the Bison Fire that occurred in July 2013.

Does this proposal include the use of herbicides?

No, although herbicides can be an important tool for eradicating noxious weeds, there is no authorization for use of herbicides in this proposal.  Authorization for use of herbicides would occur under a seperate decision-making process that would include public involvement.

Does this proposal change the management of wild horses in the Pine Nut Range?

No, although a portion of the Project area overlaps with the Pine Nut Mountain Herd Managment Area, this proposal would not change the management of wild horses.

Does this proposal reduce or close grazing allotments?

No. Changes to livestock grazing are outside the purpose of this Project. Livestock grazing is authorized through a separate permitting process that includes public participation.

Does this proposal include fence construction or removal?

No, there is no removal of existing allotment fencing and no new fencing (including temporary fencing) would be authorized.