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Documents & Reports 
We will post documents related to the RMP on this page as they are developed. Other documents providing background information will also be posted. 

Central Yukon Analysis of the Management Situation is now available online. (see Analysis of the Management Sitation  below)
We are providing the Analysis of the Management situation to provide additional background information about the planning area and existing land use plans for the area. Information in this document will be used to help develop the affected environment and no action alternative sections of the Draft RMP. We are not requesting public comments at this time.

To learn more about ANCSA 17 d-1 withdrawals, please read this 2006 report to Congress


Analysis of the Management Situation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Analysis of the Management Situation 04/22/2016 CYRMP_AMS_all_April_2016_Final.pdf (44491 KB) 
Area of Critical Environmental Concern - Background documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Galena Mountain ACEC Management Plan 05/09/2014 Galena_Mt_ACEC_Mgmt_Plan_1988-sm.pdf (6408 KB) 
Hogatza ACEC Management Plan 05/09/2014 Hogatza_ACEC_Mgmt_Plan_1994-SM.pdf (8858 KB) 
Indian River ACEC Management Plan 05/09/2014 Indian_River_ACEC_Mgmt_Plan_1995-sm.pdf (3540 KB) 
Tozitna North and South ACECs Management Plan 05/09/2014 TozitnaN&S_ACEC_Mgmt_Plan_1988-sm.pdf (5432 KB) 
Tozitna River Watershed ACEC Management Plan 05/09/2014 Tozitna_R_Watershed_ACEC_Mgmt_Plan_1989_sm.pdf (8258 KB) 
ACEC descriptions from the Utility Corridor Proposed RMP 05/09/2014 Utility Corridor PRMP_FEIS_ACEC.pdf (2896 KB) 
Dall Sheep Use of ACEC in the Utility Corridor Mgmt. Area, Alaska 11/01/2009 Dall_Sheep_ACEC_Utility_Corridor_Alaska.pdf (3196 KB) 
Redlands Lake Research Natural Area Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 Redlands_Lake_RNA.pdf (1675 KB) 
Box River Treeline Research Natural Area Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 Box_River_RNA.pdf (1705 KB) 
Arms Lake Research Natural Area Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 Arms_Lake_RNA.pdf (1456 KB) 
Spooky Valley Research Natural Area Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 Spooky_Valley_RNA.pdf (438 KB) 
Todatonten Pingo System Research Natural Areas Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 Tod_Pingo_System_RNAs.pdf (1734 KB) 
McQuesten Creek Research Natural Area Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 McQuesten_Creek_RNA.pdf (1776 KB) 
Ishtalitna Creek Hot Springs Research Natural Area Fact Sheet 07/25/2014 Ishtalitna_Creek_Hot_Springs_RNA.pdf (1597 KB) 
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Outreach
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Central Yukon RMP Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Report 12/04/2015 2015-11-24_CYRMP_ACEC-Rpt_final_508_reduced.pdf (6409 KB) 
ACEC Proposal Form (Fillable Form) 05/01/2014 ACEC-Proposal_fillable_form_CYRMP.pdf (119 KB) 
BLM ACEC Guidance 05/01/2014 ACEC_Guidance_BLM (77 KB) 
News Release: BLM Seeks Nominations for ACEC's 05/01/2014 AK14-22_BLM_Seeks_Central_Yukon_ACEC_Nominations.pdf (107 KB) 
ACEC Dear Reader Letter 05/01/2014 Dear_Reader_Letter_Signed (1245 KB) 
*MAP* of Planning Area with Existing ACEC's 05/01/2014 CYRMP_acec_11x17.pdf (590 KB) 
Background Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Central Yukon RMP Record of Decision 09/26/1986 CYRMP_ROD_small-web.pdf (9237 KB) 
Utility Corridor Resource Management Plan Record of Decision 01/11/1991 UtilityRMP_ROD_web.pdf (1317 KB) 
Utility Corridor Proposed RMP and Final EIS - Entire Document 09/27/1989 Utility Corridor PRMP_FEIS_final_web.pdf (46541 KB) 
Utility Corridor Proposed RMP and Final EIS Chapters One and Two 09/27/1989 Utility Corridor PRMP_FEIS_chpt 1 and 2.pdf (19887 KB) 
Utility Corridor Proposed RMP and Final EIS Chapters Three, Four, and Five 09/27/1989 Utility Corridor PRMP_FEIS_chpt 3-5.pdf (21846 KB) 
Utility Corridor Proposed RMP and Final EIS Appendices 09/27/1989 Utility Corridor PRMP_FEIS_appendices.pdf (4217 KB) 
Community Meeting Summaries
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Fairbanks (1st mtg) 10/28/2013 2013-10-28 Fairbanks CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (585 KB) 
Nenana 11/04/2013 2013-11-04 Nenana CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (445 KB) 
Wiseman 10/31/2013 2013-10-31 Wiseman CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (560 KB) 
Nulato 11/05/2013 2013-11-05 Nulato CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (512 KB) 
Venetie 11/07/2014 2013-11-07 Venetie CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (590 KB) 
Lake Minchumina 11/18/2013 2013-11-18 Lake Minchumina CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (587 KB) 
Ruby 11/19/2013 2013-11-19 Ruby CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (563 KB) 
Anuktuvuk 11/20/2013 2013-11-20 Anuktuvuk Pass CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (515 KB) 
Anchorage 12/04/2013 2013-12-04 Anchorage CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (635 KB) 
Koyukuk 12/10/2013 2013-12-10 Koyukuk CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (517 KB) 
Tanana 12/11/2013 2013-12-11 Tanana CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (462 KB) 
Evansville-Bettles 12/12/2013 2013-12-12 Evansville-Bettles CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (577 KB) 
Galena 12/13/2013 2013-12-13 Galena CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (587 KB) 
Hughes 12/16/2013 2013-12-16 Hughes CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (567 KB) 
Fairbanks (2nd mtg) 12/09/2013 2013.12.09 Fairbanks CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (306 KB) 
Allakakeet 01/06/2013 2014-01-06 Allakakeet CYRMP Summary Meeting Notes.pdf (470 KB) 
Anchorage Public Meeting Presentation 12/04/2013 Anchorage Combined BSWI-CY RMP Presentation.pdf (5362 KB) 
Gravel Summit
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Gravel Summit Introduction and Objectives 04/28/2015 BLM_Gravel Summit - Intro.pdf (2086 KB) 
History of the Dalton Highway 04/28/2015 BLM_Dalton Corridor history_2011_final.pdf (1890 KB) 
Map Series Mineral Material Sites on the Dalton Highway 04/28/2015 BLM_MaterialSitesMaps_DaltonCorridor.pdf (1962 KB) 
Current Mineral Materials Management Dalton Highway 04/28/2015 BLM_Gravel Summit - Current Use Modified-final.pdf (1575 KB) 
BLM Minerals Materials Regulations and Permitting Process 04/28/2015 BLM_Gravel Summit - Management.pdf (3044 KB) 
Central Yukon RMP Planning Update 04/28/2015 BLM_Planning_update.pdf (2511 KB) 
Map of Dalton Highway Projects and Mineral Material Sites 04/28/2015 ADOT_Dalton Highway_BLM Sites and Projects.pdf (7156 KB) 
Potential Stipulations for Mineral Material Sites 04/28/2015 BLM_Potential Standard Stips.pdf (1385 KB) 
Notes from Gravel Summit Meeting 04/28/2015 2015-03-31_GravelSummit_Combined Notes_final.pdf (170 KB) 
BLM Gravel Production by Site 04/28/2015 BLM_Gravel Summit_Production by Site_Spreadsheet.pdf (295 KB) 
Dalton Highway Geology Overview 05/01/2015 DGGS_GravelSummit2015.pdf (1995 KB) 
Notice of Intent
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Notice of Intent 06/14/2013 CYRMP_NOI_June142013.pdf (203 KB) 
Preparation Plan
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Preplan Analysis for the Central Yukon RMP/EIS 04/22/2013 Final_CYRMP_PRE PLAN_4-22-2013-web2.pdf (2426 KB) 
Scoping Meeting Materials
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Issues and Planning Criteria for the Central Yukon RMP 09/16/2013 Interactive Document for F_interactive_Sept2013 CYRMP_issues_PC_Sept2013.pdf  (1309 KB) 
Poster Introduction to Planning Area 10/27/2013 CYRMP_intro_Poster-508.pdf (2965 KB) 
Poster Central Arctic Management Area 10/29/2013 CYRMP_CAMA_poster-508.pdf (793 KB) 
Poster Mining Withdrawals in Central Yukon Planning Area 10/29/2013 CYRMP_withrawal_poster-508.pdf (688 KB) 
Poster Areas of Critical Environmental Concern in Central Yukon Planning Area 12/11/2013 CYRMP_ACEC_poster-508B.pdf (920 KB) 
Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Comment Period
Scoping Report for the Central Yukon RMP 03/25/2015 Interactive Document for CYRMP_Scoping_Report_Interactive_Final CYRMP_Scoping_Report_Web_Final  (7594 KB)