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The purpose of the proposed project is for the County of Lyon, Nevada, to lease two and one half (2.5) acres of public land in the community of Moundhouse, Nevada, in order to establish the Highlands Drive Park. The 2.5 acre area discussed in this document is currently managed by the BLM and would be leased by Lyon County through the authority of the Recreation &Public Purposes Act.

The need for the proposed project would be to accommodate a community of 270 middle class homes of which many house children. The nearest existing public recreation facility or park is approximately one (1) mile away and the children would have to cross U.S. Highway 50, which is a notoriously dangerous stretch of roadway. The proposed site is on level, highly disturbed land within the said community and is within safe walking distance for all the residents.

The Draft EA analyzes the potential direct, indirect and cumulative effects to the human environment associated with the construction, maintenance, and operation of a community park within and adjacent to the residential developments of Carson Highlands Mobile Home Park and Carson Highlands Housing Development, located in the community of Moundhouse, in Lyon County, Nevada. In addition, the BLM has preliminarily determined that the proposal would not have significant effects on the human environment, and has prepared a draft Finding of No Significant Impact.

The application proposes the development of 2.5 acres of land for the purposes of constructing, maintaining, and operating a community park (Highlands Drive Park). The proposed park would be located in a community consisting of approximately 270 homes. Located at the south end of the developed portion of Highlands Drive, the park would be within safe walking distance and accessible by all residents in the community. The proposed park development would include the following amenities:

Play structures;
Trash enclosures;
Fencing; and
Parking area.

A preliminary site plan of the proposed park has been provided by Lyon County Parks Department and is available (see Maps). The cost of developing the park is estimated to cost $36,750, which will come from the Lyon County Park Tax fund and will be constructed and completed by Lyon County Parks Department.

The public comment period on the Highlands Park, Recreation & Public Purposes Act Lease, Draft Environmental Assessment  closed on November 17, 2012.  On November 20, 2012 the BLM issued a Final EA, FONSI and Decision Record for this project (see Documents).