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Wild Rose Geothermal Project EA

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Carson City District, Stillwater Field Office (SWFO), has issued the Decision Record (DR) for the final environmental assessment (EA) for the Wild Rose Geothermal Project, EA # DOI-BLM-NV-C010-2012-0050-EA. The decision is for the BLM to implement the Proposed Action as described in Chapter 2 of the EA.

 The EA analyzed potential impacts on the natural and human environment that could result from implementation of the geothermal exploration and utilization activities. The primary objective of the project is to further evaluate the characteristics of the geothermal resources in the Wild Rose Project area and develop a geothermal power plant. The proposed activities include:

  • Constructing and upgrading existing access roads (both on and off the lease);
  • Construction and operation of geothermal pipelines;
  • Drilling and testing of up to four exploration wells;
  • Construction and operation of a 15-35 megawatt (MW) net rated (up to 40 MW gross) geothermal power plant facility and electrical substation; and
  • Construction and operation of a 120 k-V gen-tie and switching station.

The EA was made available for a 30-day public comment/review period from July 11, 2012 through August 11, 2012 in which the BLM received comments from the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Pollution Control; Nevada Department of Transportation; Nevada Department of Wildlife; Nevada Division of Water Resources; Nevada State Historic Preservation Office; and US Environmental Protection Agency. As summarized in Appendix E, all comments were reviewed, considered, and minor changes were made to the content of the Final EA.

 A determination has been made that implementation of the Proposed Action would not result in significant environmental impacts to the natural and human environment, therefore a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been prepared to document that determination, and a DR has been issued providing the rationale for approving the Proposed Action. The Final EA, DR and FONSI are available under the Documents section on this page (see navigation bar to the left).