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New documents posted
Please see Documents and Reports Tab on the left side of the page the link to Record of Decision.  Use the interactive version to view maps.  Maps are also available under the Maps tab.

New document posted September 9, 2016:  Federal Register Notice of Proposed Supplemental Rules

Please contact the RMP project manager Kristin Yannone at kyannone@blm.gov or 307-332-8448 if you have any questions regarding the RMP,  Implementation, or the Travel Rules published September 9, 2016 .
This is the Lander Website.

All of the versions of the Lander Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (RMP) are available under the Documents tab to the left.  As changes are made to the RMP, the document "Post Rod Changes" is updated to explain the changes made.

The document "Lands Sorted" is a tool to assist the reader in searching the lands listed in Appendix K "Lands Identified for Disposal" by Township, Range, and Section.  Appendix K lists lands identified for disposal by parcel number.  Parcel numbers were originally generated during preparation of  the 1987 RMP.   For a number of reasons having to do with the management of GIS data and supporting documentation, the planning process for the 2014 RMP carried this numbering system forward, adding new parcels identified for disposal and removing parcels that were no longer identified for disposal.  Consequently, there are gaps in the sequence of parcel numbers.  Listing the parcels for disposal by parcel number does not allow the reader to search by legal description.  Thus, the "Lands Sorted" document provides a key to parcel numbers sorted by legal description.  For ease of use, the parcel numbers with very lengthy legal descriptions have been shortened.  The complete legal description can be found by looking the parcel number up in Appendix K.