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Documents & Reports 
Wild Horse Amendment
The Draft RMP Amendment and EIS for Wild Horse Management in the Rock Springs and Rawlins Field Offices, Wyoming is available, click on the document below.
Wild Horse Amendment
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Wild Horse Amendment Draft EIS 01/31/2020 WildHorse_DEIS_Jan24_2020.pdf (3444 KB)     

August 24, 2016 Open House
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
RMP open house slide loop 2016-08-24 09/07/2016 RMP open house slide loop 2016-08-24.pdf (6240 KB)     
Summary of the Analysis of the Management Situation 08/05/2013 RS-RMP_Summary-of-the-AMS_8-1-2013_SFS-OnlineVersion.pdf (4561 KB)     

Comprehensive Travel and Transportation Management Plan
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Public Outreach Report 08/05/2013 RS-CTTMP_Final_PublicOutreachReport_08-05-2013_SFS-webready.pdf (1311 KB)     

Federal Register Notices
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Notice of Intent 02/01/2011 noi.pdf (178 KB)     
Notice of Intent for Extended Public Scoping for Wild Horses and Burros 08/16/2013 NOI 2013-08-16.pdf (198 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
February 2011 Newsletter 02/07/2011 Rock Springs RMP_Newsletter_2-7-11_4page.pdf (6233 KB)     

Scoping Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Final Scoping Report 01/05/2012 RS-RMP_Final-Scoping-Report.pdf (1437 KB)     
Final Scoping Report Appendix A-Comments Summary 01/05/2012 RS-RMP_Final-Scoping-Report_Appendix_A_CommentsSummary.pdf (678 KB)     
Final Scoping Report Appendix B-Notice of Intent 01/05/2012 RS-RMP_Final-Scoping-Report_Appendix-B_NOI.pdf (3331 KB)     
Final Scoping Report Appendix C-Press Releases 01/05/2012 RS-RMP_Final-Scoping-Report_Appendix-C_PressReleases.pdf (18 KB)     
Final Scoping Report Appendix D-Newsletter 01/05/2012 RS-RMP_Final-Scoping-Report_Appendix-D_Newsletter.pdf (4079 KB)     
Final Scoping Report Appendix E-Scoping Meeting Materials 01/05/2012 RS-RMP_Final-Scoping-Report_Appendix-E_ScopingMeetingMaterials.pdf (18843 KB)     
Wild Horse and Burro Consent Decree Scoping Report Addendum 01/17/2014 RS-RMP_Wild-Horse-Scoping-Report_1-15-2014_web-ready_Final.pdf (3724 KB)     

Technical Reports
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Solid Minerals Potential Report 02/13/2013 RSRMP-MinRpt.pdf (4083 KB)     
Socioeconomic Baseline Report 08/07/2013 Rock-Springs-RMP_Socioeconomic-Baseline-Report_7-10-2013_SFS_webready.pdf (3575 KB)     
Final Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario for Oil and Gas 01/08/2014 RSFO_RFD_FINAL-resized.pdf (13189 KB)     
Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 16 06/23/2016 Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 16 (2016-02-24).pdf (11 KB)     
Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 17 06/23/2016 Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 17 (2016-05-10).pdf (19 KB)     
Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 18 06/23/2016 Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 18 (2016-05-10).pdf (19 KB)     
Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 19 06/23/2016 Rock Springs 2016 RFD Revised Table 19 (2016-05-10).pdf (19 KB)     
Rock Springs 2017 RFD Revised Table 16 03/09/2017 Rock Springs 2017 RFD Revised Table 16 (2017-02-24).pdf (8 KB)     
Rock Springs 2016 RFD Table 19a - Alternative D 03/09/2017 Rock Springs 2016 RFD Table 19a (2017-02-28).pdf (19 KB)