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Documents & Reports 
A couple of errors were discovered in the Sonoran Desert National Monument Record of Decision (ROD) and Approved Resource Management Plan (ARMP) which have been corrected.  An errata sheet has been added right after the "Dear Reader Letter" and right before the Table of Contents that explains the errors found and corrections made.  In addition, the ROD and ARMP have had links to maps and appendices added to the file to make opening a referenced map or appendix easier.
Plan Maintenance
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
PLO1015 Lands 02/11/2019 Plan Maintenance Worksheet 02112019.pdf (2837 KB)     

5-Year Plan Evaluation
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Final RMP Evaluation 09/21/2018 Final Evaluation 09212018.pdf (4441 KB)     

00a-Lower Sonoran Decision Area Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Lower Sonoran Decision Area Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan 09/14/2012 01-LSDA_ROD-ARMP_FINAL_2012-09-19_web-with-Links_sans-map-pages.pdf (3838 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix A - BMPs and SOPs 09/14/2012 02-LSDA-Appendix-A-BMPs&SOPs_508.pdf (369 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix B - Guidlines for Grazing Administration 09/14/2012 03-LSDA-Appendix-B-Guidelines for Grazing Admin_508.pdf (206 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix C - Legal Descriptions of Lands Available for Disposal 09/14/2012 04-LSDA-Appendix-C-Legals-of-Lands-Available-for-Disposal_508.pdf (237 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix D - Recreation Settings and RMA Worksheets 09/14/2012 05-LSDA-Appendix-D-Recreation-Settings-and-Worksheets_508.pdf (324 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix E - Possible Easements for Public Access 09/14/2012 06-LSDA-Appendix-E-Possible Public Access Easements.pdf (271 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix F - Route Evaluation Methodology 09/14/2012 07-LSDA-Appendix-F-Route-Evaluation-and-Planning-Methodology_508.pdf (1711 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix G - Route Mitigation Techniques 09/14/2012 08-LSDA-Appendix-G-Route Mitigations_not508.pdf (194 KB)     
LSDA ROD-ARMP Appendix H - ACEC Evaluations 09/14/2012 09-LSDA-Appendix-H-ACEC-Evaluations_508.pdf (255 KB)     

00b-Sonoran Desert National Monument Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Sonoran Desert National Monument Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan 09/14/2012 01-SDNM_ROD-ARMP_FINAL_2012-09-19_web-with-Links_sans-map-pages.pdf (2721 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix A - Presidential Proclamation 7397 09/14/2012 02-SDNM-Appendix-A-Presidential Proclamation_508.pdf (222 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix B - Guidlines for Grazing Administration 09/14/2012 03-SDNM-Appendix-B-Guidelines for Grazing Admin_508.pdf (184 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix C - Recreation Settings and RMA Worksheets 09/14/2012 04-SDNM-Appendix-C-Recreation-Settings-and-Worksheets_508.pdf (253 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix D - BMPs and SOPs 09/14/2012 05-SDNM-Appendix-D-BMPs&SOPs_508.pdf (334 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix E - Travel Management Plan 09/14/2012 06-SDNM-Appendix-E-TMP_508.pdf (23137 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix F - Possible Easements for Public Access 09/14/2012 07-SDNM-Appendix-F-Possible Public Access Easements_not508.pdf (192 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix G - Route Rationales 09/14/2012 08-SDNM-Appendix-G-Route-Rationale_508.pdf (888 KB)     
SDNM ROD-ARMP Appendix H - Route Mitigation Techniques 09/14/2012 09-SDNM-Appendix-H-Route Mitigations_508.pdf (169 KB)     

01-Proposed RMP/Final EIS
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
PRMP/FEIS Cover 06/15/2012 00a-PRMP Generic Cover.pdf (1722 KB)     
BLM Mission Statement 06/15/2012 01-Mission Statement.pdf (53 KB)     
Document Abstract 06/15/2012 02-Abstract.pdf (73 KB)     
Title and Signature Page 06/15/2012 03-Title and Signature Page.pdf (525 KB)     
Dear Reader Letter and Protest Procedure 06/15/2012 04-Dear Reader letter.pdf (277 KB)     
Document Table of Contents 06/15/2012 05-Table of Contents.pdf (590 KB)     
Executive Summary 06/15/2012 06-Executive Summary.pdf (425 KB)     
Chapter 1 - Introduction, Purpose and Need 06/15/2012 07-Chapter1-Purpose and Need.pdf (554 KB)     
Chapter 2 Alternatives 06/15/2012 08-Chapter 2-Alternatives.pdf (2114 KB)     
Chapter 3 Affected Environment 06/15/2012 09-Chapter 3-Affected Environment.pdf (1278 KB)     
Chapter 4 Environmental Consequences 06/15/2012 10-Chapter 4-Environmental Consequences.pdf (3282 KB)     
Chapter 5 Consultation and Coordination 06/15/2012 11-Chapter 5-Consultation and Coordination.pdf (360 KB)     
Chapter 6 Response to Comments 06/15/2012 12-Chapter 6-Response to Comments.pdf (1785 KB)     
Chapter 7 Glossary 06/15/2012 13-Chapter 7-Glossary.pdf (455 KB)     
Chapter 8 References 06/15/2012 14-Chapter 8-References.pdf (359 KB)     

02-PRMP/FEIS Appendices
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Appendix Table of Contents 06/15/2012 15-Appendices Table of Contents.pdf (241 KB)     
Appendix A - Presidential Proclamation Creating Sonoran Desert National Monument 06/15/2012 16-App A-Presidential Proclamation.pdf (234 KB)     
Appendix B - Laws, Regulations, and Policies 06/15/2012 17-App B-Laws Regs and Policies.pdf (406 KB)     
Appendix C - Other Agency Plans 06/15/2012 18-App C-Other Agency Plans.pdf (223 KB)     
Appendix D - Wild and Scenic River Eligibility 06/15/2012 19-App D-Wild and Scenic River Eligibility.pdf (285 KB)     
Appendix E - Grazing Compatibility Analysis 06/15/2012 20-App E-SDNM Grazing Compatibility Analysis.pdf (1551 KB)     
Appendix F - Land Health Evaluation 06/16/2012 21-App F-SDNM Land Health Evaluation.pdf (4040 KB)     
Appendix G - SDNM Target Shooting Analysis 06/15/2012 22-App G-SDNM Target Shooting Analysis.pdf (5769 KB)     
Appendix H - Best Management Practices and Standard Operating Procedures 06/15/2012 23-App H-BMPs and SOPs.pdf (352 KB)     
Appendix J - Wildlife and Plant Priority Species 06/15/2012 24-App J-Wildlife and Plants Priority Species.pdf (215 KB)     
Appendix L - Guidlines for Grazing Administration 06/15/2012 25-App L-Guidelines for Grazing Admin.pdf (194 KB)     
Appendix M - Painted Rock Wild Burro Herd Area Manageability Analysis 06/15/2012 26-App M-Painted Rock Herd Manageability.pdf (226 KB)     
Appendix N - Renewable Energy Sensitivity Analysis 06/15/2012 27-App N-Renewable Energy Sensitivity Analysis.pdf (195 KB)     
Appendix O - Arizona Land Tenure Strategy 06/15/2012 28-App O-AZ Land Tenure Strategy.pdf (284 KB)     
Appendix P - Grazing Allotment Information 06/15/2012 29-App P-Grazing Allotment Information.pdf (259 KB)     
Appendix Q - Recreation Settings 06/15/2012 30-App Q-Recreation Settings.pdf (204 KB)     
Appendix R - Recreation Management Area Worksheets 06/15/2012 31-App R-Recreation Worksheets.pdf (499 KB)     
Appendix S - Route Evaluation Methodology 06/15/2012 32-App S-Route Evaluation Methodology.pdf (4286 KB)     
Appendix T - Route Mitigations 06/15/2012 33-App T-Route Mitigations.pdf (177 KB)     
Appendix U - Travel Definitions 06/15/2012 34-App U-Travel Definitions.pdf (237 KB)     
Appendix V - Area of Critical Environmental Concern Evaluations 06/15/2012 35-App V-ACEC Determinations.pdf (299 KB)     
Appendix AA - Abreviations and Acronyms 06/15/2012 36-App AA-Acronyms and Abbreviations.pdf (174 KB)     
Appendix BB - Possible Public Access Easements 06/15/2012 37-App BB-Possible Public Access Easements.pdf (218 KB)     

03-Air Quality Conformity Report
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Air Quality Conformity Report 06/15/2012 LS SDNM_Air Conformity Report_Final.pdf (1925 KB)     

04-Complete Draft RMP/Draft EIS
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Lower Sonoran and Sonoran Desert National Monument Resource Management Plan 08/24/2011 Interactive Document for CJA Test Interactive Document Build 1 LS SDNM DRMP Complete DRMP-FEIS without maps.pdf  (87581 KB)