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Kermit Overland Conveyor Project
OLC proposed to construct, operated, and maintain an approximately 15.2-mile-long overland covered conveyor belt system connecting a proposed 60-acre offloading facility in Loving County, Texas to a proposed 120-acre loadout facility in Lea County, New Mexico. The project is approximately 29 miles southeast of Loving, New Mexico. The project objective is to transport sand from OLC's west Texas overland conveyor belt system into New Mexico where the sand would be off-loaded and used in hydraulic fracturing operations. The constrction of the overland conveyor belt system is expected to significantly reduce the number of trucks on public roadways which will in turn reduce traffic congestion, vehicle emissions, accidents and fatalities. 

The project would require a permanent 70-foot-wide right-of-way. The proposed project would utilize existing roads whereever possible to access the right-of-way. Some existing lease roads would be upgraded to accommodate subsurface crossings of the overland conveyor. Five additional temporary workspace areas are needed during construction and would be outside of the right-of-way to facilitate belt flake out areas and the overhead crossing of Battle Axe Road (J-2). These areas would be required for material handling, temporary storage, and project staging activites. Construction activities for the project are expected to take approximately 12 months to complete. 

The public scoping period on this project began January 6, 2020. The BLM will accept comments through February 4, 2020.  To comment through this page please click on "Documents & Reports" at the top of the column to the left. This will bring you to all documents associated with this project. You may comment on this proposed project through the "Comment on Document" button to the right of Kermit Overland Conveyor Project.
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