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05/20/2020 11:03:54 MDT
Bear Grub Vegetation Management Project Update
Background. The Bear Grub Vegetation Management Project incorporates portions of Middle Applegate, Little Applegate, and Bear Creek watersheds to meet the management goals and directions of the 2016 Southwestern Oregon Resource Management Plan (SWO RMP).

Status. The BLM conducted a public scoping period for the Bear Grub VMP in October of 2019. Since the public scoping period, the BLM has reviewed all comments recieved and is using them to help develop a range of alternatives to be analyzed in the Environmental Assessment (EA). The EA will be released for a public comment period once analysis is complete. The public comment period is tentatively scheduled for June of 2020. Updates on the public comment period and public meetings will be posted to this site as they become available.

Preliminary Project Information. This project would be implemented to fulfill multiple purposes including: contributions to the Allowable Sale Quality established in the SWO RMP to meet purposes of the Oregon and California and Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands act of 1937 (O&C Act); to restore and maintain forest health and resiliency of stands in the project area; and to improve fire and fuels management opportunities.


Please click on the “Documents” selection on the left-hand panel to find additional information about the project including the BLM scoping letter as well as a project update letter. You will also find an updated project map identifying potential treatment areas.
An update Map with main roads identified was uploaded 3/3/2020, upon recommendations from pubic comments. Click on Maps in the left hand tab.
On 5/20/2020 the BLM uploaded detailed maps due to public requests for proposed unit identification. Please note that these maps are not of any one specific proposed action. The maps attempt to display all potential treatment areas that may be considered. The EA will evaluate several alternatives, which will include various combinations of treatment areas. Not all treatment areas will be included in all alternatives. The EA will have detailed descriptions of which areas will be included in each alternative, as well as updated maps.