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Open House Materials

The public open houses concluded on February 20 and the scoping comment period concluded on March 6, 2020. Information presented at the open houses is provided below. 

Visit this page again later this summer as BLM will publish the Draft EIS and a Proposed Rule on this site for a 60-day review and public comment period. 

Public Meeting - Welcome Station
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Welcome Poster and Start Here 08/29/2019 WelcomePosterAndStartHere.pdf (5546 KB)     
Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement 01/21/2020 Notice of Intent (273 KB)     

Public Meeting - Station 1 - Updating and Modernizing Regulations
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Map of Grazing Allotments 08/29/2019 MapOfGrazingAllotments.pdf (14195 KB)     
Grazing Program Factsheet 08/29/2019 GrazingProgramFactsheet.pdf (519 KB)     
History of the Livestock Grazing Regulations 08/29/2019 HistoryOfTheLivestockGrazingRegulations.pdf (510 KB)     
Grazing Regulations 43 CFR 4100 08/29/2019 4100Grazing Regulations.pdf (208 KB)     

Public Meeting - Station 2 - Improving Permitting Efficiency
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Permit Processing 01/17/2020 Permit Processing (576 KB)     
Talking Points 01/17/2020 Talking Points  (605 KB)     
Permitting Efficiency 01/17/2020 Permitting Efficiency (708 KB)     

Public Meeting - Station 3 - Opportunities for Involvement
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Outcome Based Grazing Factsheet 08/29/2019 OutcomeBasedGrazingFactsheet.pdf (515 KB)     
Targeted Grazing Factsheet 08/29/2019 Targeted Grazing Factsheet  (1132 KB)     
Unauthorized Grazing Use Flowchart 08/29/2019 UnauthorizedGrazingUseFlowchart.pdf (900 KB)     

Public Meeting - Station 4 - Promoting Land Health
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Land Health - An Overview and How to Participate 08/29/2019 Land Health - An Overview and How to Participate  (582 KB)     
Why is Land Health Important Posters 08/29/2019 WhyIsLandHealthImportant.pdf (4460 KB)     
Land Health Evaluations 08/29/2019 LandHealthEvaluations.pdf (3471 KB)     
Examples of Land Health Standards New Mexico 08/29/2019 ExamplesofLandHealthStandardsNewMexico.pdf (882 KB)     
Examples of Land Health Standards Colorado 08/29/2019 ExamplesofLandHealthStandardsColorado.pdf (882 KB)     
Examples of Land Health Standards Montana and Dakotas 08/29/2019 ExamplesofLandHealthStandardsMontana.pdf (951 KB)     
Examples of Land Health Standards Nevada 08/29/2019 ExamplesofLandHealthStandardsNevada.pdf (891 KB)     

Public Meeting - Station 5 - Providing Comment
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Scoping Guide 08/29/2019 ScopingGuide (522 KB)     
Commenting on BLM Grazing Regulation Updates 01/17/2020 CommentingOnBLMGrazingRegulationUpdates.pdf (2785 KB)     
Printable Comment Form 01/17/2020 Printable Comment Card.pdf (210 KB)