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01/30/2019 18:42:30 MST
The Bureau of Land Management published a Notice of Intent on November 21, 2018, to begin the development of a new Integrated Activity Plan (IAP) and associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A). The public comment period will end on February 15, 2019. The BLM is seeking comments from interested members of the public on the following topics:

    • Which areas of the NPR-A should be available for leasing? Which areas should not be available for leasing?
    • Should any of the special area boundaries identified in the 2013 IAP/EIS Record of Decision (ROD) be adjusted, and if so, how?
    • Should any of the best management practices or lease stipulations identified in the 2013 IAP/EIS ROD be revised, and if so, how? Should any be eliminated?
    • Are there any new lease stipulations or best management practices that should be considered?
    • What resources should be given particular attention in the new IAP/EIS analysis?

The current management plan for the NPR-A can be viewed in the 2013 NPR-A IAP/EIS ROD. 

Scoping Documents
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Notice of Intent to Prepare the NPR-A IAP/EIS 11/20/2018 Notice of Intent for NPR-A IAP-EIS.pdf (153 KB)  Open (11/21/2018 - 02/15/2019 ) 
IAP Scoping Meeting Presentation 12/11/2018 IAP-EIS Scoping Meeting Presentation_ANC-FBX.pdf (1408 KB)     
IAP Scoping Meeting Presentation Talking Points 12/11/2018 IAP Scoping Meeting Talking Points.pdf (78 KB)     
State of Alaska and North Slope Borough Request to Re-Do the NPR-A Integrated Activity Plan 11/20/2018 11.2.18 Ltr to AsstSecDOI Balash NPRA IAP Coop Agency Request.pdf (3916 KB)     
2013 NPR-A Integrated Activity Plan EIS Record of Decision 11/19/2018 NPR-A_FINAL_ROD_2-21-13.pdf (5128 KB)     

Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
NPR-A Area Map 11/16/2018 NPR-A Area Map.pdf (1804 KB)     
NPR-A Special Areas and Lease Stipulations 11/21/2018 NPR-A Special Areas and Stipulations.pdf (3528 KB)     

Previous NPR-A Records of Decision
Document Name Release Date Available Formats Public Participation
Northeast NPR-A 1998 Record of Decision 12/18/2018 Northeast NPR-A 1998 Record of Decision.pdf (5333 KB)     
Northeast NPR-A Supplemental 2008 Record of Decision 12/18/2018 Northeast NPR-A Supplemental 2008 Record of Decision.pdf (2984 KB)